Event 18/04/2024

ESG webinar: the EU Taxonomy, what does it bring to the table?

In the coming years the sustainability landscape will be influenced by ESG-compliance. To help you navigate through the challenges and requirements, we will be organizing a number of webinars with relevant topics to share meaningful insights and best practices. Our industry experts will be hosting the webinars in English and include a Q&A to help answer your questions and encourage interaction amongst peers. We hosted three webinars in 2023 followed by seven more in 2024. 

18/4: The EU Taxonomy: what does it bring to the table?

This webinar will help you get valuable information about:

  • the EU taxonomy: objective, time and scope;
  • the pragmatic roadmap to comply with the EU Taxonomy;
  • practical examples and insights to get you started with this EU Taxonomy;
  • the link between the EU Taxonomy and other EU reporting frameworks as the CSRD & SFDR.

Industry experts Emilie Pitchot and Jan-Hendrik Paul share valuable insights on legislation, trends, best practices and the pragmatic roadmap to comply with the EU Taxonomy. Sustainability expert Gaëlle De Baeck will host the webinar and lead the Q&A.

Timing webinar: 9am to 10am.

Participation is free of charge. To secure your spot, please register by 15/4 by us clicking the button below:

Registration webinar 18 April

Registration webinar 18 April