Justine uses her auditing experience as a Project Consultant for TriFinance

1 October 2022

Before joining TriFinance as a Project Consultant, Justine worked as an Auditor at an international insurance, tax, and financial consultancy firm. She gained plenty of experience there but was hungry for more: ‘As a Consultant, I can really spark off improvements for a client, which is extremely inspiring.’

Justine started with her previous employer as a Junior Auditor, gradually progressing to become a Senior Auditor: ‘That was quite an instructive period when I learned a lot about planning, organization, and analysis. The trouble was that I was not allowed to give advice in the role of an External Auditor, even when I had ideas for improvements. I decided to become a Project Consultant at TriFinance to broaden my perspective and to be able to make a real difference for every client.’

“I decided to become a Project Consultant at TriFinance to broaden my perspective.”

Justine Collet

From analysis to proposals for improvements

As a Project Consultant, Justine loves long-term projects that she can get her teeth into: ‘Ideally, I prefer to work on the same project for at least three months to get a good understanding of the client’s business. Over time, I become a real member of the department, making it easier to analyze operations and then make concrete proposals for improvements.’

The great diversity of projects also makes it interesting: ‘You get involved in various projects within different sectors. What’s more, your mission can change more than once. You may be hired for a certain assignment, but new assignments are added one by one. For example, I’m currently working in a department that is being reorganized. As a result, the project’s scope also changed, and I was given new responsibilities. This is how my expertise keeps growing.’

Take control of your career

Consultancy means working at your client’s premises almost every day. Nevertheless, Justine also has a strong bond with TriFinance: ‘TriFinance puts its people’s well-being first, and you notice that in everything. For example, I have regular meetings with my Business Manager, who always wants to know if I still feel good about my job.’

‘TriFinance invests actively in your growth as well. That’s why I’m taking an external course to perfect my English. I also find the sessions in which experienced TriFinance colleagues share their insights with us fascinating. These sessions are sometimes more inspiring than any management book. It’s good to know that at TriFinance, you mostly decide for yourself what form your career path will take. You don’t have to constantly leave your comfort zone so long as you take control of your career.’

Healthy work-life balance

In bookkeeping it’s essential to have a positive balance sheet. But what about the work-life balance? Justine is enthusiastic: ‘It’s certainly healthy. You get hired for a certain assignment, but new assignments can be added.’ 

Consulting is often associated with long hours and complex corporate culture, which is not the case here. ‘TriFinance Consultants get plenty of independence to tackle your work as they see fit. It is enjoyable to work in a culture of trust like this one, and the work-life balance is outstanding here.’

With every collaboration, the company looks for a win-win. Justine explains, ‘Much attention goes into matching the project with your ambitions, and the company always inquires about your needs and expectations. It is essential for everyone involved to feel good about an assignment: the Consultant, the Client, and TriFinance – everything needs to feel right for all three parties.’