IT on demand

Deliver what is expected

Technology allowed us to cope with the current health crisis in a way that was not possible a decade ago. But the sudden change in the working styles of many of us probably brought extra challenges to any IT organization.


Get to know Tri-ICT

Our colleagues of Tri-ICT understand very well that the pressure on IT is very high. With Tri-ICT, we can offer a number of services that can help you to deliver what is expected:

  • Analyze: analyze on demand, we have analysts ready to look at your short and midterm automation needs and produce ready to implement materials;
  • Automate: support and implement process automation to increase efficiency (RPA, VBA, PowerAutomate, LogicApps, Macros, scripting, flows);
  • Find: finding the IT professional with the skills & knowledge you need is very hard during the current health crisis, we can support with recruitment and selection services including online interviews, testing candidates and matching;
  • Sparring: need a sparring partner to discuss options to enhance productivity during the health crisis? We can deliver a platform to talk to peers and experts.