Rights of the Candidate

Do you have some questions about our policy?

TriFinance respects your rights as a candidate

  • We don’t ask the candidate for any compensation.
  • We always work in an objective, respectful and non-discriminative way.
  • We never make any distinction on the ground of handicap, health condition or sexual preference, except when this is legally demanded or allowed.
  • We comply with the regulation relating equal treatment of men and women regarding working conditions, access to the work process, vocational training and promotion regarding access to self-employment.
  • We respect the personal privacy of the candidate. At your request, but only after terminating your assignment, it is possible to view your personal file.
  • We use the information of employer - client and candidate for mediation activities.
  • You will always receive accurate information relating to the nature of the assignment or vacancy, the content of the function and the procedure.
  • Our personality and psychological tests are always supervised by a psychologist.
  • We select candidates - employees but the employer - the client has the ultimate decision.
  • As a candidate - employee you are free to address other offices.

TriFinance is compliant with GDPR

  • When you register on our website or apply for a job through our website, email or any other means we will register you as a candidate in our system.
  • The information you share is used during the application process as well as to stay in contact with you. This information will only be shared with our own collaborators and our clients if and when agreed upon.
  • We treat your information in general and your resume in particular very carefully and will only share this information with any outside party with your permission.
  • Using the details you provided, we will possibly contact you now or in the future for opportunities that we deem to fit your profile.
  • For further information on how we gather and process your personal data or exercise your data subject rights please refer to our privacy statement.