Recruitment & Selection

Your challenges

  • Attract talented and motivated people
  • Tackle peaks in workload
  • Find the perfect match with your expanding Finance team

Companies that start from their people’s ambitions and talents will prevail. We follow up on our candidates’ ambitions, helping clients find the best fit for their Finance vacancies.

The perfect match

Our passion is to make people grow. We are specialized in matching the skills and ambitions of finance talent to the right finance roles. Our focused approach brings us deep knowledge of the market. Candidates perceive us as a ‘destination finder’ and a trustworthy sparring partner in their career.

Every year, our dedicated team of recruiters matches more than 200 finance professionals to the job they have been looking for.

We don’t wait for job applications to come in, we proactively reach out to potential candidates. We meet new finance talent on a daily basis, people with whom we build a trust-based relationship, in order to really know their needs and ambitions.

Knowing our candidates is knowing how to find the best solution for our clients. Our clients can benefit from our extensive network of finance talent. Since we know the market inside out, we can advise and challenge you to guarantee the best fit for your finance team.

Letting people grow in Finance is our passion. We listen to the ambitions of our candidates, helping clients find the best fit for their Finance job vacancies.

Our approach

  1. Intake
    Clear understanding of your needs and management of expectations, advice in job specifications, fit with the team, writing an attractive job posting.

  2. Recruitment
    Proactive and multichannel approach through our own database and network, LinkedIn and jobsites.

  3. Selection
    Interviews, references, tests to create a shortlist, regular status updates, detailed candidate reports.

  4. Follow-up
    Advice in talent management approach.

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