Risk Management

A crisis of this magnitude reveals and confirms the importance of an effective risk management framework to identify and respond to critical risk with ramifications across the whole enterprise.

Our team of risk and internal audit professionals are ready to deploy their skills to support your organization and build the right mitigation measures to navigate this unprecedented situation. Specifically, we can assist to:

  • Reinforce and assist your risk management department in deploying and tracking the effectiveness of your crisis management plan.
  • Evaluate and adjust your internal control environment for
    situations with fewer employees available and a large portion of the
    work conducted remotely.
  • Evaluate and deploy policies and controls against cyber-criminals
    aiming to use the pandemic to steal and exploit control weaknesses in
    your organization.
  • Evaluate the operational and financial implications, and formulate
    a risk mitigation plan against a variety of risks including supply and
    inventory limitations, abrupt sales decline, working capital
    deteriorations, and human resources shortages.
  • Deploy continuous auditing capabilities to monitor compliance
    during a period of severe restrictions in travels and on-site audit