Our idea

How we do what we do

The concept of our model is the core of our operation.


The TriFinance organization structure reflects our ‘employee first’ purpose and our way of working. It makes us a unique player in the labor and service market.

‘The center cannot hold’

Flexible knowledge-sharing networks are better equipped for present and future challenges. They are agile and thrive in times of change, stimulating creativity, teamwork, collective thinking, and motivation, eventually leading to better performance.

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The well-known hierarchical command and control organization would be ill-suited for our purpose. As we heavily depend on human conditions, we offer space, not boxes; trust and support, not fear and punishment. We nurture a constructive, trust-based culture, open communication and a coaching style of leadership.

The new organization that can inspire and motivate the new generation of professionals to collective creativity is basically a flat organization. Egalitarian, but strongly selective, and with respect to professionalism or personality, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Our flat network organization stimulates learning on the job by working closely with experienced people in a dynamic platform environment.

Our philosophy

The Hub Philosophy offers growth to our people. Doing so we act as a career accelerator, as we offer them the potential of fast and targeted personal growth, and a destination finder, as we help them to find and reach their professional destination, even if it is not with us. TriFinance is a CareerHub™.

It’s like an airport: professionals, Me inc.®’ers, come and go, seeking new destinations through fulfilling challenging finance and consulting projects. It’s a working environment in which one can grow faster than in traditional businesses by creating an open atmosphere. People are supported to take their careers into their own hands, towards their own career destination.

The way we approach the market of candidates and customers contains new combinations of secondment/staffing (intelligent capacity) and consultancy (know-how). We call it Do-How. It's our ability to translate the knowledge angle of management consulting into sustainable, embedded results. If know-how is knowing what to do to make change happen, do-how is doing what needs to be done. Do-How results in better solutions, ‘beyond advisory’, through people who combine deep industry experience with conceptual and methodological knowledge.


The internal TriFinance team is the linking pin between our two other pillars, between our Me inc.® professionals and our clients. Our BaseCamp provides expertise and experience steering at furthering people to create value at our customers. We offer space and support to our people, Me inc.® professionals. In return we ask them to take personal responsibility, dare to ask questions.

A network organization allows people to further themselves and their career quicker than in traditional organizations and consulting companies. Our working environment allows for a professional to explore his talents and take his career into his own hands with the support of other professionals. Coaching and mentoring are part of TriFinance’s DNA.

Working at Trifinance
The people

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization.


TriFinance is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. We believe in a role based organization where employees can take ownership of different roles within their current function. This approach stimulates co-creation and increases economies of Motivation®️.

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“We are an honest expert who embraces independence, shows pragmatic pioneerism and shares in-depth knowledge in an open & equal ambience, to further people and partners. We have an intrinsic drive to perform."

We are a sincere challenger