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We put our intrinsically motivated employees first. Sustainable development is part of this intrinsic motivation. We ‘lead by example’ by continuously reinventing our way of working with respect to the environment and society in general. We incorporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Care and Corporate Governance in the way we do business. Social responsible entrepreneurship where a positive impact on people and planet is as important as the growth of profit.

Social focus

Within the social aspect, there is full attention for the development and growth of the individual within the organization, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for employees, taking social responsibility by supporting good causes and opposing discrimination, aggression and inequality. Creating not only a sustainable human resources (which we call human development, or ‘Care’) policy but also a sustainable leadership for promoting well-being. Co-creation and collective creativity do not happen by themselves. Everything starts with trust and leadership.These processes are fostered through the core of the organizational structure.

Ethics & Human Rights

Ethics & human rights

TriFinance promotes diversity in the workplace where inclusion is important, both during the recruitment selection of candidates and further career follow-up. A sustainable Human Development policy plays a major role. An awareness of equality among employees, embedded in the collective togetherness of the company. Sustainable leadership combined with sustainable human development policies ensures the promotion of well-being for the entire organization. We respect international human rights standards and we do so by having processes in place to identify, prevent or mitigate human rights risks, and remediate any adverse impact it has caused or contributed to.

Career accelerator

Career accelerator

People are not resources, but human development is central where the growth of the company is driven by the growth of people powered by their intrinsic motivation. In line with our philosophy we offer perspective to our people. Doing so we act as a career accelerator, as we offer them the potential of fast and targeted personal growth. Moreover teamplay is very important in and between our Blue Chip Boutiques and transcends individual skills within the organization.


TriFinance embraces mental fitness, a proactive approach to emotional health that focuses on nurturing the mind. TriFinance wants to stimulate people to have a healthy body and mind. Thus in addition to people's physical health, mental health is as much important. Creating awareness around mental health is important to break the stigma. For this reason, continuously reinventing the way we work is central to promoting our employees' work-life balance.

Environmental focus

TriFinance main environmental objectives are to prevent environmental pollution, limit energy consumption, reduce the extraction of raw materials through reuse or recycling and limit emissions as much as possible. The goal is to achieve eco-efficiency where a negative impact on the environment is reduced as much as possible, and achieve long-term eco-effectiveness by realizing a real positive impact on nature. Circular entrepreneurship plays a central role by keeping materials in the business cycle as long as possible.



It is our responsibility to reduce the CO2-emission as much as possible, mostly linked to our vehicle fleet. For this purpose we are developing a mobility plan tailored to the individual that benefits not only the planet but also the individual himself. For this reason, we are fully committed to the electrification of the vehicle fleet. The possibility of zero car, electric bike leasing and telecommuting is also provided which avoids any unnecessary travel.



Deforestation is a great threat to biodiversity. TriFinance wants to counter this threat as much as possible. Nature and forest creation to compensate for the company emissions and reduction of the natural environment is for this reason a target.

Energy Transition & Waste Management

Energy Transition & Waste Management

Commit as much as possible to energy efficiency measures not only to reduce costs but also to counteract the exhaustibility of energy. Manage energy consumption as efficiently as possible and thus contribute to a sustainable world. For example, we have automatic light sensors at our offices. Creating sustainable waste management where smart waste management is central. The linear principle from production to waste is reduced as much as possible and sustainable circular waste management is always preferred. Waste materials from one company can be used as raw materials for another company.


Governance, policies and processes ensure that practices are consistent with TriFinance’s values of openness, accountability, integrity and trust. We will therefore report on our sustainability performance related to the ESG aspects. We, as a large company, will be required to report in 2026 compliant to the CSRD framework. This does not take away from the fact that we already take our responsibilities for this by gathering our sustainability data and developing CSR initiatives.

Sustainable procurement

The key drivers for our sustainable procurement are cost and risk reduction and revenue growth. We want to create value for all stakeholders including customers, suppliers and employees by creating value on people, planet and profit.

CSR initiatives Belgium


Fitcoins are digital savings points that our colleagues can earn by walking, cycling or participating in sporting, educational and social activities. With these points, our employees can buy products in our TriFinance marketplace that will help to improve their fitness, participate in specific workshops about health and fitness, or they can donate points to charity. Fitcoins are about more than physical exercise. TriFinance wants to stimulate people to have a healthy body and mind, which is why the Fitcoins app gives our colleagues the opportunity to follow webinars or active sessions on nutrition, breathing and sleeping.


By walking with our Fitcoins app, we plant new trees and give something back to nature as one team. The perfect combination between easy, healthy and ecological. Every 100 Fitcoins our employees earned, resulted in 2.5m² in our TriForest. The number of Fitcoins our employees can swap was limitless between July and December 2022. Our goal is to create a TriForest of at least 5000m². In February 2023, we planted more than 2,000 trees in total.


Dripl launches a Refillution in the soft drink industry. With Dripl we are going for healthier drinking, without packaging. It’s a healthy alternative for soft drinks with less sugar and natural ingrediënts. This is our contribution to less disposable packaging, fewer emissions and it is also energy efficient. This is because the smart Refill Point cools only when needed so when we tap. By not having to transport water, the carbon footprint is only reduced. This Refill point is available in our office in Antwerp en and may be expanded to the other offices in the future.

TriFinance For Impact

TriFinance For Impact is a program where our consultants in transit have the opportunity to support small scale social organizations or start-ups for free. The scope of this support is diverse and aligns with the skills and ambitions of our consultants with the needs of the partner: both operational and consultancy work, analysis and reporting, writing a business plan, giving training sessions, ….

TriDonation For Asylum Seekers

In December 2022, TriFinance organized a collection campaign for clothes and toys at our offices in Belgium leading up to the Christmas season. The collection was donated to asylum centers in the region of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. With this initiative, clothes and other goods get a second life for those in need.

TriWalks for Ukraine

TriFinance started walking for the Ukrainian people. For every step, our colleagues earned Fitcoins, which they could donate to UNICEF. TriFinance then doubled the gathered amount. We couldn't be more proud of the heartwarming result: 50 million steps taken, 500 vouchers purchased and €5.000 for Unicef. This again shows that there is no ‘me’ without ‘we’ and that we unite with Ukraine in these difficult times.


The Me inc.® Learning Platform enables all our employees to learn in an efficient, effective manner that is in line with current business reality. It fits with the learning philosophy of TriFinance that emphasizes the importance of Me inc.®’ers being in the driver's seat of their own professional growth. All learning opportunities are compiled into a user-friendly and transparent tool. Our colleagues can further explore this tool based on their Living Me inc.® (LMI) plan. Ranging from enrolling in a classroom training to e-learnings and subscribing to Knowledge Circles, the Me inc.® Learning Platform is the go-to tool.

The people

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization.


TriFinance is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. We believe in a role based organization where employees can take ownership of different roles within their current function. This approach stimulates co-creation and increases economies of Motivation®️.

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