Working Capital & Cash Flow Optimization

Covid-19 is a crisis of unseen proportions. The two most crucial measures to face the crisis are keeping your people safe and protecting your company’s cash position.

To safeguard their future, most companies are stabilizing their business, enhancing operational resilience in preparation for an economic downturn. Managing cash and liquidity should be a priority in any business continuity plan. Efficient working capital management, cash analytics and cash forecasts are essential to steer through today’s crisis.

Working Capital

Working capital management allows a company to keep its need for working capital as low as possible, while freeing cash that tied up in the exploitation cycle.

Optimizing the cash position of a company inevitably requires reworking the processes and flows of working capital components. TriFinance can provide in-depth knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable and credit management.

Our experts can be deployed for inventory and supply chain optimization. In all these matters, we see to it that our multidisciplinary teams enter into a tight co-creation with your organization.

TriFinance developed a 4-Phase model for the analysis of historical data.

Cash Analytics

A proven rescue program from the 2008 financial crisis, Cash Analytics identifies measures for quickly available cash from managing receivables and liabilities. In economically challenging times, information quality and speed are of crucial importance for Cash control.

With Cash Analytics, companies can quickly anticipate liquidity shortages in the Corona crisis and after, so they can act from a strong competitive position.

TriFinance developed a 4-Phase model for the analysis of historical data. Input and output calculations are used in order to identify systematic liquidity opportunities in processes, systems and market relationships: invoicing pattern, payment conditions, maturity analysis and payment behavior. We look into the drivers of your DSO and DPO to optimize them by steering the determining parameters.

The advantages in economically challenging times are considerable:

  • Quick wins in cash generation;
  • You get insights in your DSO & DPO and you can align both, which optimizes your working capital;
  • 100% remote, no on-premise requirement, only data access is needed;
  • Online data extract & secure transfer.

Credit & Collection

These days, it is vital for companies to have an agile Credit & Collection team in place. A recession will certainly have an impact on your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and on your cash flow, which will be under pressure as your customers will be confronted with cash restraints or might face bankruptcy.

TriFinance can assist you in topics related to credit analysis, credit granting, cash collection & bad debt collection. Furthermore, we can help you to improve your credit management process and support you in selecting technology solutions.