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Controller tailor-made training

Looking for a tailor-made training?

Our tailor-made programs are best suited for companies that aim to set up a newly created controlling function, or to retrain multiple finance professionals into controllers.

Tailor-made training

Our ambition is to turn ‘good’ controllers into ‘excellent’ controllers.

When building a controlling function, soft skills matter at least as much as hard skills. Our experienced trainers help you to find the right balance and reach excellence.

To define the training programma, we listen to the vision of your HR and Finance executives. Then we jointly identify the current state of affairs in controlling and define the To-Be skill levels. MI&S then develops and delivers the training needed to close the gaps.

In contrast with our standard programs, we typically base exercises and cases on your own unique business, challenges, systems, data and templates. This creates a higher recognition factor for participants.

Realising that not all companies may have the HR tools and frameworks in place, we assist by presenting our own vision and tools where it is required:

  • The Controller Skill Framework, defining all required hard and soft skills in detail.

  • Our vision on excellent controlling, defining what excellent controllers should be.

  • Controller Assessments, which quantify current skills in individuals or teams.

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