Are you ready for the ESG journey?

18 July 2022

ESG reporting is all about disclosing information covering the risks and opportunities impacting a company in three areas: environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Why are companies adopting ESG?

  • Adoption of ESG philosophy as part of the culture of the company
  • Cost reduction / Revenue increase
  • Optimising long term investments
  • Answering investors’ selection criteria
  • Better reputation
  • Legal & moral obligation
  • Implementation of a sustainable business model

What's stopping companies from taking the first step?

  • Various frameworks and fast moving standards (GRI, EU Taxonomy, SASB, CDP, ..)
  • Complex data management (siloes, manual data collection, no connection to financial performance, ...)
  • Difficulty to get the full picture of a vast and multi-faceted topic
  • Considering ESG reporting as a mandatory set of KPIs instead of integrating the ESG strategy to the performance management cycle (Budgeting, What if analyses etc..)

It's time to start the journey!

It's time to move from theory to pragmatic approach, from challenges to solutions!

The need for responsible, sustainable development is growing, and it goes beyond mandatory compliance

Among other benefits, building the right process will allow you to build trust with all stakeholders, enhance the comprehension of risks & opportunities and improve financial results and performance management.

Our team of specialists can help you to define, challenge and implement your ESG path  from the beginning or no matter where you are on your journey, by

  • Analysing your ESG’s impacts and the operational implications 
  • Supporting in the identification of priorities, metrics, targets, selecting data providers, designing governance  and implementing sound internal control, oversight and risk management practices
  • Assisting you in shaping target business processes;
  • Understanding your needs in its journey to integrate ESG factors in existing processes and investment decisions ;
  • Facilitating the communication within the internal & external stakeholders to enable the ESG implementation activities to be rolled out (front and back office, IT, risk, etc)
  • Advising clients on their risk and regulatory agendas and help them to operationalise these in their day-to-day businesses
  • Supporting projects focusing on the ESG implementation
    • Tool implementation (EPM, BI, Disclosure..)
    • Project Management
    • Change Management

Get in touch with our team to know more about ESG and let’s start the journey together!