Five reasons to work with 'Zoomers’

Generation Z is self-confident, open-minded and aware that the world is changing radically
  • It's good to know what drives and motivates people.
  • Young graduates are called 'Generation Z' or 'Zoomers'.
  • TriFinance knows them well, because we have many consultants of that age.

Motivated employees. That's what every organization signs up for, isn't it? Therefore it's good to know what drives people, especially young graduates. The youngest generation coming out of school is called the 'Generation Z'. Its members are 'Zoomers' and at TriFinance we know them well, because we have many Project Consultants of that age. They are self-confident, open-minded and aware that the world is changing radically. 

The word 'Millennials' - Generation Y - became established. The words ‘Generation Z’ and 'Zoomers' are less known. They are young people born between 1995 and 2010. Studies and surveys put multiple labels on them, such as 'digital natives' and 'flexible entrepreneurs'. Believe us, there are several reasons to work with Gen Z'ers. We give you five.

1. Digital natives

Zoomers have never known a world without the Internet. They were, as it were, born with a mobile phone in their hand. Online is their natural habitat and their smartphone is the means to exist in that biotope. An iPod and DVD player, for example, became superfluous. Zoomers communicate in images, via TikTok. They exchanged television for online series. Music groups and actors were replaced by Youtube stars and micro-influencers. Because they thrive in the online context, they are one step ahead in functioning in an economic environment where digitization is causing a tsunami of changes in the way we work.

2. Flexible entrepreneurs

Zoomers are multicultural and open-minded. They find it important that the employer they choose has a positive impact on society. They need meaning, flexibility and added value. They don't think a 9-to-5 job is the ultimate goal. On the contrary, they opt for flexible and result-oriented work, preferably carried out in places of their own choice. Zoomers want to shape the changes themselves and are fully prepared to adapt. Their problem-solving ability is great and they like to get rid of pyramid-shaped hierarchies. They are less sensitive to power relations and layers of governance.

The youngest generation on the job market deserves your trust. If you know and understand who is in front of you, you can really strengthen your team.

Hanne Hellemans, Leader - Transition & Support Antwerp

3. Multitaskers

Zoomers grew up in a biotope where communication is omnipresent. Because of the communication society in which we live, they show more similarities worldwide than previous generations. They go for quick answers and when they don't know something, they promptly look it up digitally. Zoomers record and process a lot of information quickly and are multitaskers. They can easily perform multiple tasks at the same time.

4. Competitive and hard workers

Zoomers want to acquire several skills before choosing a specific direction. They climb the career ladder through multiple organizations and cherish their freedom. Zoomers are competitive and want to work hard to move forward in professional life.

5. Strong ethical compass

Zoomers experienced the tense atmosphere as a result of the attacks in New York on 9/11. As children, they experienced the financial crisis that started in 2008 and led to social disaster. Through these experiences, they strive for a stable income and save money in order to feel even more financially secure. Because of the tampering that led to the financial crisis, truth is very important to them. They expect honesty and transparency from organisations. A sustainable economy is also part of their ethical compass.

The youngest generation on the job market deserves your trust and if you know and understand who is in front of you - their strengths and interests - you can really strengthen your team.