Me inc.®’ers take their career into their own hands at TriFinance

17 August 2023
In a nutshell:
  • The meaning of a “Me inc.®’er”
  • The Me inc.® infographic
  • Important values of our company

Have you ever heard of Me inc.®? It may not sound familiar and that makes sense. It is a typical example of our TriFinance Lexicon. We like to do things differently, including the way we name our employees. We call them Me inc.®’ers. They are Me incorporated: entrepreneurs of their own talent, skills and career. Therefore, they fit perfectly into TriFinance’s network organization. Curious? Keep reading and you’ll figure out why.

A Me inc.®’er

Me inc.®’ers are pragmatic, self-starters and not afraid of new challenges. They believe in their own talent and skills but even more in working together and reinforcing each other. They are motivated to take their career into their own hands, to grow and to explore their talents. They work hard and are not afraid to ask questions.

At TriFinance we provide the right environment, our Me inc.®’ers provide the right ambition.

Important values of our company

Wondering if you are a Me inc.®’er? Do you recognize yourself in the values below? Congratulations, you’re one of us! Have a look at our jobs and before you know it you’re a Me inc.®’er yourself.

  • Pragmatism. Our solutions are founded by reports and theory, but we don’t stop there. Offering practical solutions that are effective in real circumstances is what we value most.
  • Personal leadership. As a Me inc.®’er, personal leadership comes naturally to you by applying your values and life principles on others to inspire them. You take your career into your own hands. At TriFinance we give you the opportunity to develop and push yourself to keep growing towards your ambition.
  • Reciprocity. This is maybe the hardest one to understand, but let us explain! For us, this means sharing, without expectations. The unshakeable confidence that someone who shares ideas and services within our network will get the same in return. Maybe not immediately, but if we all practice this value the effect can be exponential.
  • Intrinsic motivation. Do you believe that personal growth is a result of your intrinsic motivation? So do we. In order to make people grow in the most efficient and effective way, TriFinance aims at the most powerful human driver, intrinsic motivation. Motivation is complex as it needs to match with your individual expectations, so it can lead to value creation. When our employees grow, our clients grow, and so do we

Are you the Me inc.®’er we’re looking for?

A Me inc.®’er at TriFinance is a proactive, ambitious, and motivated professional who takes ownership of his / her own career. By embracing our company values, employees at TriFinance can experience personal growth, contribute to the success of clients, and ultimately drive the growth of the organization as a whole.

The opportunity to develop, grow, and make a meaningful impact is fostered through a constructive and trust-based culture, where open communication and sharing ideas are encouraged. Joining TriFinance as a Me inc.®’er means embarking on a journey of personal development, continuous learning, and joint successes.

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What is Me inc.®? Watch the video and find out!