Sustainability Services

Your challenges

  • Be informed about upcoming ESG obligations and impact;
  • Assess the current ESG status & maturity of your organization and establish a roadmap;
  • Manage your ESG processes, data and integrated reporting;
  • Manage ESG related risks and controls;
  • Explore opportunities for sustainability related grants.

Companies will soon be required to disclose their ESG performance. Social, environmental and governance concerns imply potential future business threats. TriFinance is ready to assist you with a combination of deep subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge, and pragmatic advisory & implementation approaches.

Create the right awareness in your organization

Most companies struggle to remain up to date with upcoming trends and obligations regarding sustainability. The starting point is to create the right awareness.

Our deliverables:

  • Assisting organizations to stay up-to-date by providing the right insights & expertise;
  • Awareness sessions based upon your specific needs regarding sustainability.

Quickscan & fit-gap analysis

The capacity to establish a roadmap for sustainability compliance is made possible by performing a quickscan that results in a fit-gap analysis. We can guide your company towards compliance with frameworks such as CSRD, EU taxonomy, CSDD, ISSB, SFDR, GRI…

Our deliverables:

  • Quickscan & fit-gap analysis;
  • Roadmap for integrated reporting.

Process design, data modeling & dashboarding

Managing ESG compliance and performance requires specific KPIs. Data must be integrated into a single data model and processes must be modified in order to acquire these specific KPIs and display them in dashboards. It boils down to implementing a solid ESG framework.

Our deliverables:

  • ESG process design & optimization;
  • ESG KPI setting;
  • Data integration (ETL), data storage & data governance;
  • ESG tool selection and implementation (EPM, BI, disclosure management...);
  • ESG data model and dashboard design & set-up..

Internal audit, internal control and risk management

Internal audit, internal control and risk management functions must keep up with emerging ESG risks, navigate shifting ESG regulatory landscapes, and leverage new technologies that provide greater insight into ESG risks through advanced analytics.

Our deliverables:

  • Internal audits, including actionable recommendations to comply with ESG regulations;
  • ESG internal control framework in line with COSO principles;
  • Enterprise risk assessments to identify and manage existing and emerging ESG risks.

Furthering people: we radically put our employees first to create a win-win-win situation for them, our company and our customers.

Integrated reporting

Existing frameworks entail specific reporting obligations. We guide you to comply with the mandatory frameworks after developing the roadmap, capturing all relevant data and preparing the actual reporting.

Our deliverables:

  • Double materiality analysis;
  • Design and set-up ESG reporting solution;
  • Design and set-up ESG reporting sets (CSRD, SFDR,..) & dashboards;
  • Sustainability Project Management & Change Management.

Grants advisory

Did you know that different grants may apply for your sustainability transformation? TriFinance can guide you in this identification of grants which may apply for you.

Our deliverables:

  • Identification of suitable grants based on your business model and sustainability investments & plans;
  • Grant application coordination;
  • Overview of grants, amounts and possible funding.

Why TriFinance?

  • Furthering people: we radically put our employees first to create a win-win-win situation for them, our company and our customers;
  • Co-creation: we work together in multidisciplinary fashion with our consultants (as colleagues) and our clients (as partners) to facilitate bottom-up transformation;
  • Do-How: we integrate ‘know-how’ and ‘do’ in a flexible, pragmatic and expertise driven way, with a clear functional approach, sound pragmatic advisory & implementation methodologies and deep knowledge of leading software solutions such as Mavim, PowerBI, Tagetik and Vena;
  • Independence: we are not limited by commercial, cross-functional, geographical or governance restraints, but are fully integrated to compile the best solution.

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