TriFinance developed a unique out-of-the-box reporting solution: MyInsights

Discover MyInsights

MyInsights is a modular reporting solution built in Power BI. It contains pre-packaged and detailed financial, sales, HR and cash reports and can be extended towards your individual needs. It connects to your data sources and reports your figures fast, even when dealing with multiple legal entities and different currencies. Since it is built up starting from real life business requirements, it is source independent and can be linked to every source system.

What can you expect?

Our solution is built of different modules that can be implemented together or separately depending on your needs.


Our finance module focuses on managerial finance information. The model is ready for multiple legal entities and multi-currencies, so you can have an individual and consolidated view on your figures. You will find:

  • Multidimensional P&L reports
  • Managerial Balance sheet information
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Actual and budget data
  • Multiple finance KPI’s such as EBIT(DA), Capital Employed, Working Capital, Operating and Net Cash Flow, Net debt, Return on Sales, Sales Leverage, ROCE


With our sales module you will be able to get multi dimensional insights in the value drivers of your sales and gross margin. Profitability analysis of products, projects and customers, as well as the comparison of actual with budgets is included in this kick start model.


How is the evolution of your staff, who is leaving the company, how big is the turnover of your staff, what is the absenteïsm percentage, how is the average personnel cost per FTE compared to your budget? This is only a glimpse of all the KPI’s that are available in our HR model. This generic model can be fed easily with data coming from all payroll administration agencies. Also, a timesheet model is available in order to follow-up on your time registration process, billability, absences, etc. In combination with our finance model, you will be able to calculate the through personnel cost per FTE.

Cash Analytics

Follow up of customers and suppliers is crucial in order to follow up your working capital. However, in order to optimize your working capital a more in-depth analysis of the invoicing process is needed. This is where our cash analytics model comes in. We bring data from your deliveries, invoices and payments together and turn them into actionable insights. See our separate product page for more details.

  • Customer sales dashboard

    In this dashboard, you can select a metric (such as gross sales, net sales, gross margin) on which you want to get more information from the customer and compared it with the budget.

  • HR dashboard

    The HR dashboard focuses on analytical insights on FTE, Headcount, joiners & leavers, seniority, etc.

  • Finance dashboard

    This dashboard gives an analytical overview of the most important P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow KPI’s.

  • Cash analytics dashboard

    In this dashboard, you get an overview of the most relevant KPI's to improve your cash collection, such as (BP)DSO, Overdue’s, Payment terms, etc.

Why use MyInsights?

  • Get your reporting kick started, with the possibility of adjusting it to your own needs
  • Data Model and dashboards built up from business needs
  • Combine data from Finance, with HR and Sales
  • Independent of source systems

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