Reference case

conTeyor: from CPM to OPM

After the implementation of a new management reporting package (CPM-corporate performance measurement), a new set of operational reports (OPM-operational performance measurement) were implemented to gain additional business insights in an efficient and automated way. Several systems (ERP, CRM, …) were combined in one BI tool leading to one single source of truth. The return on this investment was visible across the entire organization.

Expert in reusable packaging solutions

conTeyor is a highly innovative company that offers custom-made reusable packaging solutions for the protection of delicate components. Their expertise is mainly seen in the automotive industry, but they also provide solutions for other businesses. Besides, the group also focuses on optimizing storage solutions through their little brother, Storeganizer.

conTeyor, with headquarters in Merelbeke (Belgium), is globally present with production locations in Poland, Moldova, Mexico, US, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey. In 2018, conTeyor entered into a partnership with Gilde Equity Management (GEM), a Dutch private equity party, to accelerate their further growth.

The implementation process

The implementation of PowerBI led to a set of operational reports that were useful across the organization. From a sales report, where the sales forecasting was an important part of, to a purchase report, capacity reports, financial reports etc. Different systems were aligned and linked to BI (ERP, CRM, ...).

During the implementation of PowerBI, processes were reviewed and streamlined, data quality was improved, different systems were aligned and all (key) users were trained properly.

All of this took the business to the next level:

  • The platform led to the creation of one single source of truth. Now, everyone looks through the same glasses to the same reports, to the same data, etc. This was even encouraged by a top-down approach: from board of directors, to management meetings, to S&OP meetings. Everyone uses the same platform.
  • Information is directly available and accessible across the organization.
  • Waste is eliminated at different levels of the organization. Less time and energy is spent on number-crunching and ad-hoc reporting and even more on real valuable analysis which adds value to the business. Besides, the occurrence of errors is brought to a minimum.
  • Thanks to providing in-depth training to all (key) users, they acquired a better understanding of the business processes.
  • The company evolved to a higher data maturity level.
  • All these advantages led to better, faster and more fact-based decision making.

It becomes clear that digitalization is the key to success! However, the use of an additional system does not create value on its own. Digitalization, combined with the heart of the organization: the people, will bring your organization to the next level. Not only eliminating waste by bringing everything to BI, but on top of this, spending time on really important matters, means a double-win scenario for the organization.

After the implementation, the finance controlling team was trained technically in PowerBI, ensuring the maintenance of the tool and other add-ons, can be done internally, as from now.

The project has not stopped, but the relay baton has been transferred internally.

Tim Van Londersele - CFO conTeyor

Sophie's point of view

conTeyor was a good example of doing the right things and doing the things right, by bringing their systems and their people to the next level.

It was a pleasure working with the conTeyor team and helping them in their reporting and BI journey. It was sometimes a bumpy ride but we succeeded as a team.

After almost three years of working for the group (in a broad range of activities), it was time for my learning curve to take it a step further again.

Thanks to this implementation, conTeyor can now tackle other upcoming challenges in which we will be glad to help out again in the future.

Digitalization, combined with the heart of the organization: the people, will bring your organization to the next level.

Sophie Van Lier - Project Consultant MI&S