Doing multiple projects and gaining experience in many fields

Key messages
  • Testimonial of our Project Consultant Alexia
  • From bookkeeping to financial analysis and controlling
  • At the front row of the corona vaccination operation

For six years now, Project Consultant Alexia Luczak has been working for TriFinance. She did multiple and diverse projects. When we ask her how things are going at her current client, she answers promptly and enthusiastically, "It's crazy". Alexia is working these days for a major player in the pharmaceutical sector, which produces vaccines against the coronavirus.

"I have carried out several assignments in the pharmaceutical world in recent years and was also active in the automotive sector. My project now is with a producer of corona vaccines. I don't have to tell you that it's all hands on deck there. I see myself as a co-actor, experiencing everything from the front row in a context where the entire operation is under the microscope. As a result, I learn a lot about how to adapt and manage change."

Alexia has a master's degree in Commercial Sciences (University of Mons) and also studied in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, as part of the European Erasmus program. TriFinance is her first employer and since 2015 she works for the Brussels-based Blue Chip Boutique 'Transition & Support'. As a new graduate, she was able to benefit from TriFinance's Young Hub program at the time. She received extra guidance and training opportunities in the initial period.

I want to try everything, and TriFinance supports me in doing so.

Alexia Luczak, Project Consultant

Bookkeeping, financial analysis and kickboxing

She chose the world of consulting because she wanted her first career steps to be as diverse as possible. "Doing multiple projects and gaining experience in many fields was what I was aiming for. At TriFinance I have not been deceived in the least. From my first job interview, I experienced the openness and dynamism that prevail in the young team of 'Transition & Support'."

Alexia started with assignments in bookkeeping and evolved to tasks around financial analysis. Her next goal is controlling in finance and budgetting. "TriFinance makes it possible for me to already follow appropriate training," she says. She emphasizes the importance for her to be able to always enter a new environment. "I want to try everything." Change management is also on her bucket list.

That's not surprising for someone who lives that life motto in her spare time as well. She has several hobbies. After 15 years of judo, she decided to switch to kickboxing. She dances the salsa and does sewing. Baking cakes and traveling are also two of her favorite pastimes, in addition to getting together with family and friends.

And what about her career? Consulting, she says, was the first step and it has been going on for 6 years. "I am still very happy at TriFinance. I'm staying," she concludes with a broad smile.