Learning by hacking at TriFinance RPA hackathons

Supporting the growth of people and organizations
  • Getting employees involved
  • Knowledge sharing, sharing best practices and fun
  • Building scripts to automate routine processes

TriFinance guides organizations in their digital transformation journey. Our holistic, process-first and people-driven approach to RPA focuses on automating routine processes, lowering costs and freeing up time for employees to focus on value-added tasks.

Scripting a robot for the P2P process

To provide maximum support on RPA projects, TriFinance project consultants and experts get specialized training. One specific form of training is participation at a Hackathon*. On a regular basis, people are invited to join a Hackathon to focus on specific processes that could be optimized by applying RPA. The latest Hackathon specifically focused on scripting a robot for the P2P process.

The goal of these Hackathons is twofold. First, it’s all about knowledge sharing: working together in small teams and sharing best practices in order to build resilient and modular scripts for real business (sub)processes. Second, participants build a repository of prepared scripts that can straightforwardly be deployed.

Our prima focus is knowledge sharing and lifting our scripting skills to the next level.

Xavier Gosselin, TriFinance RPA Consultant

A real-life business case

RPA Consultant Xavier Gosselin is closely involved in the organization of the Hackathons. He strongly believes in their added value for both project consultants and clients. 'The hackathon is a full-day hands-on training where consultants are presented with a real-life business case that they will try to solve or script individually or as a group.'

'The Hackathon's prime focus is knowledge sharing and lifting scripting skills to the next level. The cases presented aren’t fictional but real business cases which not only can be used within our organization but also externally. Hackathons are also a lot of fun. The mood is very pleasant and supportive. More experienced RPA consultants help out junior consultants, no one is left behind. The hackathon is like an educational team build, maybe only slightly nerdy in nature.'

*Hackathon = [hak-uh-thon | hæk.ə.θɒn], noun Digital Technology.
“a usually competitive event in which people work in groups on software or hardware projects, with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event; an event at which a lot of people come together to write or improve computer programs”