Reference case

Multi-year controlling program for Carrefour Belgium

Carrefour is one of the leading retailers in the world and in Belgium. It offers a mix of shop types to consumers, as well as e-commerce options and services.

Tailor-made controlling programs and team assessment

In the course of three years, we had the honour to train all controllers of Carrefour Belgium via three separate tailor-made programmes and including one team assessment:

  • A 5-day “Junior Controlling Program” was given in three consecutive years to three different groups, totalling 33 different people. The program introduced hard and soft skills and continuously linked this to daily reality in the Carrefour retail environment.
  • A 3-day “e-commerce for Senior Controllers” program was given to 14 senior controllers, combining site visits and guest speakers to explore the impact on finance, supply chain and IT, and to redefine the role of controllers in managing these new challenges.
  • A controller assessment mapped the as-is skill level and personality of 8 mid-career controllers, using a mix of online tests and our proprietary ToyFinance business case, which was developed by us and specifically targets controllers.
  • A 3-day “e-commerce for Controllers” was given to a group of 15 mid-career controllers. As with the senior controller version, site visits and guest speakers challenged their thinking, but more focus was given to the operational and the IT side, and less to the strategic side. Some of these controllers had followed the first junior controlling program 2 years earlier.