Change Management

Your challenges

  • Incorporate change in every project
  • Empower and engage your workforce for change
  • Install Continuous Improvement for operational excellence

Transformations become successful and durable when employees feel empowered. We support your organization during transformations, empowering and engaging your workforce for change.

The potential for change

The road to improvement always starts with knowing your people and having a clear understanding of your current organizational structure, processes, systems, and controls.

Once the potential for change is identified, we partner with you to plan the transformation. We build and maintain employee commitment, keeping all initiatives on target, doing away with obstacles and supporting you in your communication.

As our consultants are hired for the right social skills to facilitate change, they can easily blend in and help you to realize change.

Our framework ensures that your organization learns from the benefits of the transformation and doesn’t fall back into old habits.

We help you gain insight and build the capabilities to execute successful transformation initiatives. You can count on us for:

  • an organization scan;
  • project and change management. We provide the resources and toolkits to execute and keep your transformation initiatives on track;
  • continuous improvement. We help you adopt a transformation framework to set the wheels of change in motion.

Our approach will help you achieve transformation ambitions by maximizing the bottom-up contribution and engagement of the people who do the work on a day-to-day basis.

TriFinance helps you incorporate change in every project. We support you in managing successful transformations, empowering and engaging your workforce for change.

Organization scan

We conduct comprehensive reviews of your organization structure, processes, systems, and controls. We create insight into the way your organization works to help you think in new ways about your organization’s challenges, shortcomings and transformation opportunities.

Our expertise ranges from high-level assessment and diagnosis to the formulation of goals, and the elaboration of transformation roadmaps. We leverage our pragmatic advisory approach to focus on what you can achieve.

Project and Change Management

A project is change, change is a project. We see Change Management as a transversal layer that is an integral part of every project during the entire project. The implementation of change, however, should be meticulously planned and managed in the form of a project.

We define Change Management as a method to guide and support people and organizations throughout a change trajectory by making use of the right techniques and tools.

Our Change experts use existing theoretical methods and extensive experience from previous projects that will always be tailored to your organization and implemented in a pragmatic way.

By creating the necessary awareness, assisted by the right coaching, the change mindset will be anchored throughout the project.

Continuous Improvement as a condition for Agility

For an organization to become agile and achieve operational excellence, continuous improvement is vital.

Every person in the organization should be involved in the improvement of their tasks to better meet the needs of the customer.

We help organizations initiate a change mindset in an incremental way, working towards continuous improvement through a bottom-up approach and a participative involvement of the stakeholders, leaving room for initiatives and feedback.

We also guarantee such a continuous improvement mindset in our own consultants.

As they are aware that change does not stop once the project is finished, they will keep looking for improvement possibilities. This means we will never implement a solution that is not future-proof and will not be sustainable after we leave.

Who will support you

Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by CFO Services and Financial Institutions.


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