Process Management

Your challenges

  • Bring end-to-end transparency to your business processes
  • Optimize your processes for better performance
  • Raise your organization’s process maturity level

Create process transparency, rethink your processes and apply continuous improvement techniques to successfully optimize your business, working towards operational excellence.

Creating process transparency

Companies very often lack critical insight into their business operations. With process management located in individual departments, an organization’s comprehension of its end-to-end processes, including their interconnections and dependencies, is typically limited and fragmented.

This ‘Insight Deficit’ makes organizations reluctant to improve processes, adopt new ways of working and initiate changes. That is because companies are often afraid of what will happen in the remote corners of the organization when they shift from ‘decision’ to ‘execution’.

We believe that a clear understanding of the organizational structure, processes, systems, and controls is the key to operational excellence and the first stage towards transformation readiness.

In an evolving process management context, TriFinance can help you bring transparency to your processes, installing a process mindset throughout your organization.

By rethinking and re-engineering your business processes, we even go beyond process transparency. We install end-to-end process thinking amongst your employees and we facilitate knowledge-sharing. These are crucial steps towards more process maturity and a culture of continuous improvement.

TriFinance rethinks and re-engineers your processes for better performance, applying continuous improvement techniques to optimize & transform your business.

Our value proposition
Our value proposition

Towards continuous improvement

Our experts assist organizations by providing expertise and frameworks in the five following domains:

  1. Process Maturity:
    To determine your organization’s process maturity, our experts will conduct maturity scans and assessments of your business processes. Strengths, weaknesses and potential improvement opportunities will be identified in scorecards and analytical reports. Depending on the maturity level your organization is willing to achieve, we support you in the implementation journey towards it.

  2. Process Transparency & Insight:
    To bring transparency to your processes, our experts will capture, structure, and communicate process information. They will go beyond standard flow-chart activities and adopt the latest business modeling technologies to create transparency in how work is being done throughout your organization. They will also strengthen the management and transfer of knowledge across the organization.

    Our team will identify and assess process inefficiencies, variations, and deviations. They will use data analytics and process mining technologies to accelerate process discovery and focus the conversation on how processes are really executed and where improvements are needed.

  3. Process optimization:
    Based on identified pain points and bottlenecks, we identify process optimization opportunities across all aspects of your business operations. We prefer a holistic approach that acts on governance, people, system, data and process itself.

  4. Process (re-)engineering:
    Based on our business expertise within Finance, Risk, Operations and Commercial departments, we bring an outside-in view to engineer or re-engineer your business processes.

    In this service, we benchmark your processes against market best practices and our proprietary library of process frameworks to create new business (lines) or enhance your current way of working, while keeping your identity and specificities.

  5. Continuous improvement:
    We guide you through your transformation initiatives, supporting you on your change journey through a bottom-up approach and a participative involvement of the right people, leaving room for initiatives and feedback.

We capture insights & visualize relations, stimulate willingness to change in an incremental way, turning process information into a catalyst for operational excellence.

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Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by CFO Services and Financial Institutions.


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