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Introduction to data modelling and reporting

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Data are to controllers what raw materials are to factories: without them, they cannot run. Yet a common problem for controllers is that data are often of bad quality, and managed by other teams which have their own focus. As a result, many controllers are stuck with having to clean and manipulate bad quality data.

The aim of this course is to stay close to the practical business reality encountered by controllers, and to teach important concepts so that controllers get more control of data modelling and data quality. The aim is to understand data modelling in order to deal more effectively with IT and business users, and ultimately get good data to work with.

In this course you will get a high-level insight in how databases work - no prior IT skills required. Building on this insight, practical business problems are used to explain dimensions and facts, attributes, and reporting hierarchies. Group interaction is actively encouraged. Many practical examples and hands-on cases from the world of ERP or BI put the centre of gravity firmly on the side of pragmatic insights that can be directly applied.

As a result of this course, the participant will be able to understand the concepts used in ERP and BI systems, and the terminology used by IT in describing data. This will enable the participant to become the point of contact for these teams, and influence the way data is designed and used in an organisation.

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