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Common to all finance professionals, a controller should have a good grasp of financial concepts and statements, but our experience in teaching controlling and in assessing controllers has convinced us that soft skills are what sets an excellent controller apart.

To put it another way: no matter how many data and effort went into creating a report, if it does not convince management or employees to act and change, it may be considered worthless.

To move from creating reports and convince people to act, is the focus of this soft skill course for controllers. The course discusses the role of the controller in a company, and zooms in on the specific skills required for this job. It then discusses essential soft skills like presenting to non-specialists, communication to different roles and personality types, dealing with company politics, and discusses the key topic of integrity.

At the end of this course, you will be able to detect and circumvent the main barriers to change, and you will be able to become a more action-oriented controller.

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