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Budgeting and forecasting are very important decision support processes in a company. They model revenue and profit predictions, and serve to understand cash flow movements and working capital requirements. Budgeting and forecasting are critical skills for controllers in every company, no matter the nature of the business.

In this two-day course the main aspects of the budgeting and forecasting processes are explained. The focus is on how to practically achieve this. The training explores important concepts and then presents a baseline exercise to calculate a P&L, cash flow using both the direct and indirect method, and the balance sheet. After the completion of the first exercise, additional complexity is gradually introduced into the exercise, giving the participants food for thought, and stimulating reflection in the group. At the end of the training a forecasting model is also reviewed.

At the end of the training, you will be able to set up your own budgeting and forecasting process in a production company, and be aware of the pitfalls in doing so.

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