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Credit Management tailor-made training

Looking for a Tailer made training?

We offer several tailor-made training programs adapted to your specific business requirements in terms of credit management. As this training focuses solely on your relevant situation, it is possible to tackle specific issues, and realise more added-value from our training.

Tailor-made Training

Tailor-made training programs are the best

Together with you, we will determine your specific company needs through an assessment and provide a relevant credit management training. By this customised approach, you will be able to develop your and your team's credit management skills through the combination of theoretical frameworks illustrated with relevant business cases, taken from your own environment and context.

As is the case with our classroom training programs, our tailor-made training can also be categorised into different topics, and encompass tool training as well. Of course, it is also possible to tailor your training this way that both specific credit management topics and tool training are combined into one complete program. We at TriFinance believe that both systems and processes should be aligned and work together to support your people to allow them to execute their jobs successfully. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions with regards to our tailor-made training programs, and any practical issues relating to this subject.


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