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Dimensional Modeling - 13/11/2024

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  • Gent
  • 650
  • 13/11/2024
  • 1 day

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A proper data model is key for successful reporting, no matter which tool you are using.

This Dimensional Modeling training focuses on the basic concepts of database and data model design, based on our experience and the Kimball methodology. The theory is explained by practical cases and exercises. At the end of the day, all the content is bundled in a real life business case.

The topics of this one-day course are:

  • Introduction to datawarehouse and lakehouse concepts
  • Basic concepts of data models (Facts, Dimensions, Relationships)
  • Design differences between databases / data models for operational and analytical purposes
  • Best practices for database design for analytical purposes
  • Consequences of design choices on the information that can be extracted from the database
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions

At the end of the training, you will be able to design an analytical data model and have sufficient theoretical knowledge to attend the Power BI trainings.

The training will be given in English unless you are all Dutch-speaking.

Cancellation conditions:

  • until 2 weeks upfront: 100% refund
  • until 1 week upfront: 50% refund

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