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Introduction to master data management and data quality

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  • 1 day

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Data are to controllers what raw materials are to factories: without them, they cannot run.

This course is aimed at controllers with a foundational understanding of data modelling, and focuses on how organisations can improve and then keep data quality. Next to the data themselves, a key topic is also how to change the mindset of an organisation when it comes to data design and quality.

The course explores the impact of data quality on business results, discusses change management techniques, and then zooms in on a recommended sequence of actions and techniques to take an organisation to a higher level in terms of master data management. It discusses the importance of data analysis, the design of related processes, the impact of data governance, and explores the characteristics and role of common data management systems such as ETL tools.

At the end of this course you will be able to interact professionally with master data managers and their teams, or be able to start out in this role yourself.

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