Reference case

ERP going cloud

By helping ICsense to prepare for a cloud-based ERP solution we managed to transform its internal processes & systems from a highly manual way of working into a future-proof cloud-based solution. By upfront considering all reporting needs and ensuring they are integrated into the overall solution, the ICsense management has now a full view of all relevant information with a high degree of automation.

Fast-growing organization

ICsense -an independent subsidiary of the TDK group- is Europe’s premier IC design company. They have the largest fab independent European design group with world-class expertise in analog, digital, mixed-signal, and high voltage IC design.

The company develops and supplies customer-exclusive ASIC solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer markets.

As a fast-growing organization, ICsense recognized the need to strengthen and digitize its internal system & process landscape to manage its growing business. The need for a more integrated cloud-based ERP solution was recognized.

People-driven companies come together

ICsense chooses to work with MI&S|TriFinance based on the common understanding of the need to first focus on the functional review of processes, data & reporting requirements before looking for a suitable ERP solution. In addition, both organizations share a strong company culture focused on the growth of people and a pragmatic no-nonsense mentality.

With the support of TriFinance we were able to successfully integrate our financial reporting requirements into a cloud-based ERP solution.

Bram De Muer, Ceo ICSense

Growth over the years

ICsense experienced considerable growth over the years leading to the observation that the highly manual way of working was not manageable anymore. In addition, more complex reporting requirements and the feeling of outgrowing the management span of control led to the decision to look for a more stable future-proof, and cloud-based ERP solution.

The result

With the combined expertise of financial ERP expertise of MI&S and the Microsoft Partner Scapta an innovative cloud-based Business Central solution in combination with Power BI as an overall reporting solution was selected by ICsense based on clear To-Be requirements.

Thanks to a phased implementation approach where first the financial module and secondly the project/service management functionalities went live we managed to guide the users from the manual way of working towards the new digital world.

The implementation went successful thanks to the detailed upfront preparation, the high involvement of the ICsense management & users, and the strong expertise of Scapta.

Interesting to see that ERP projects can be successful and of added value for clients by well preparing and working together.

Johan Hermans, Project Manager TriFinance

Clear management vision

Before looking at a technology solution the key for a successful transformation is a clear management vision & openness to change existing processes & habits. The combination with a consulting partner that facilitates your organization in preparing detailed process & reporting requirements and a strong technology partner translating these into a future-proof cloud solution is the driver for success.