Corporate Performance Management

Your challenges

  • Provide performance reports based on KPIs
  • Publish managerial statements
  • Align historical and forward-looking indicators

Companies need to measure their performance against key strategic objectives. TriFinance helps companies to set integrated reporting and corporate performance KPIs.

Reporting aligned with strategy

A strategy should be translated into a set of comprehensive KPIs. You will not be able to track your organization’s performance against key strategic objectives if the deployment of your strategy cannot be measured.

TriFinance experts will help you to define a balanced set of KPIs that are clearly tied to your strategic objectives. They will translate these KPIs into an underlying data model which is the foundation for all data, systems, and reporting.

Corporate Performance Management is the top of the information pyramid as shown below.

Only a well-structured pyramid will allow an organization to report efficiently on an aggregated managerial level and on strategic topics. The data model is what connects all layers and applications.

Forward and backward-looking indicators

A Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system not only reports historical data but also compares historical data to budgeted data. In an integrated CPM environment, the budget model must be aligned with the managerial reporting model for historical data. That means a change in the dimensional model of an organization must be reflected in both budgets and actuals.

Financial data model

From a technical point of view, we build a professional data model as a basis for CPM. This data model contains dimensions and facts.

The dimensions form the different angles from which an organization wants to look at its data, such as a customer, regional market, plant, or product perspective. The facts are the numerical elements that are added or averaged, such as revenue, cost, asset value, and so on.

In order to report efficiently and effectively, we translate the business perspective into the setup of the underlying data and systems.

Who will support you

Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by MI&S and Financial Institutions.


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