Hanan, Project Consultant at TriFinance

Last year was great! On her latest project, Hanan has been given a great deal of responsibility, providing a massive boost in professional growth. With the help of guidance and training from her TriFinance colleagues, she was able to rise to this challenge with complete confidence!

During this project, she made great strides as a team manager, learning how to coach and mentor her team during periods of change. On top of that, she managed to take her soft skills to the next level with efficient coaching and clear communication. By learning to listen to her team and become more empathetic, she has really grown as a person. For her, these learnings are the real highlight of the year, deserving of a 9/10!

New hard and soft skills? That deserves a 9/10!

"Thanks to TriFinance, I get the chance to develop my professional skills through a variety of different projects!"

Besides boxing her way through her projects, Hanan is also a fighter for female empowerment both in and outside of the ring, as evidenced on her social media!

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On her latest project, Hanan has been given a great deal of responsibility, providing a massive boost in professional growth.

Hanan, Project Consultant at TriFinance (1:48)

“New professional challenges? I am more ready than ever!”

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How did Hanan become a Project Consultant Finance?

Hanan started out in TriFinance’s bookkeeping department, working for a client in the automotive industry. She was immediately assigned a great number of duties, from treasury management and cash pooling checks to various AP duties. Such was her motivation, she even provided backup for the rest of the team. This gave her the opportunity to learn, managing her own deadlines and those of her colleagues, taking her out of her comfort zone. She learned to take decisive action, as well as make her own decisions!

Her next project is sure to provide a challenge, with a tremendous array of duties and responsibilities that promise to continue taking her out of her comfort zone. What does the future hold? No matter what, Hanan will be ready for it. Bring it on! “New professional challenges? I am more ready than ever!”


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About TriFinance

At TriFinance, your ambition and personal development are central to everything we do. But what does that actually mean? We coach you to help you achieve your ambition through a variety of exciting projects to boost your development. Knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer play an active role in this!

Total Reward Approach

Some organizations are based on economies of scale. At TriFinance, we work with Economies of Motivation®. To help people grow in the most efficient and effective way possible, we focus on the most powerful driving factor: intrinsic motivation.

Why? Because motivation leads to value creation. We give our people the freedom to take control of their growth.

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Questions about working at TriFinance

We often receive the same questions from candidates when they consider a career at TriFinance. Here, you can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. Would you like to know something else? Contact us!

  • As a consultant, do I have to cover a great travel distance on a daily basis?

    As a consultant at TriFinance, you can work in the region of your choice or from the nearest TriFinance office. Together with our clients, we strive for a hybrid working situation.

  • Do I have a say in the projects I do?

    The projects proposed to you are in line with your current knowledge, skills and ambitions. Together with our internal team you decide which projects are the best match for you.

  • What if I don’t have the required skills yet for a project that interests me?

    If you lack certain skills for a project, TriFinance will provide the necessary training and a skilled mentor to guide you through your project.

  • What kind of guidance can I expect?

    We map your current knowledge and skills with the help of in-house tools. This is the starting point of your personal development plan and forms the basis we need to offer you projects and guidance in line with your ambitions. In addition, you receive guidance from our internal team (BaseCamp) your fellow consultants and a Career Coach.

  • Work-life balance is important to me. Is that possible for consultants?

    TriFinance uses a system of flexible working hours so it’s easier for you to plan your day. We offer 20 legal holidays and 12 ADV/RTT-days to maintain a healthy work-life balance. In addition, you can aquire extra legal vacation days through our cafeteria plan.

  • What does the salary package at TriFinance look like?

    At TriFinance, you can count on a competitive and flexible salary package that consists of (among others) a company car (Mini/BMW), smartphone with subscription and 32 vacation days. On top of that, we invest in a Total Reward Approach: an inspiring and motivating total package that includes exciting challenges and a variety of projects in line with your ambitions.

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