Me inc.® track: the result of continuous improvement

23 April 2024
Laura Debaets Care Manager CFO Services Connect on Linkedin

We are an organization where we put people first, it’s clear to us that the development of our people is crucial. We invest a lot in the growth of our Me inc.®’ers.

Over the years, we have created a very solid development track for young graduates joining us to gain their first experiences: our Young Hub program.

As we are continuously evaluating our training possibilities, we realized we needed to develop a program for our new consultants who already have prior work experience before joining us as a TriFinance consultant. We created the Me inc.® track.

The Why of the Me inc.® track

Let’s take a deep-dive into the WHY behind the Me inc.® track, which has a dual purpose.

  1. Every year, we welcome a significant amount of new Me inc.®’ers to our company (in 2023, we welcomed 162 new colleagues) with each of them bringing different work experiences.

    Some arrive with years of experience within other consulting companies, while others have gained their first experience in a fixed position at smaller companies or multinationals. Throughout our hiring process, we prioritize ambition over background, resulting in a diverse pool of colleagues.

    With that in mind, we recognized the need to create a standardized program to support our newcomers in the transition to our company. Our goal during this program is to accelerate our people's Me inc.® competencies by focusing on developing their consulting skills, with a strong emphasis on our pragmatic, hands-on philosophy.

  2. Consultants begin their TriFinance journey with an Introduction Day. In many cases, they will start working on projects with clients right away. However, we noticed that it wasn't always easy for new starters to feel connected. Our goal was to create a sense of community and belonging, similar to what we have already achieved with our young graduates.

We developed the same track for every new colleague, regardless of their function, seniority and business unit.

The How and What of the Me inc.® track

We created a track to 'kickstart your career' at TriFinance. The track starts after our Introduction Day. The first day of the track takes place within the first 3 months after the consultant starts, day 2 is planned within 5 months after their start and we close the track after 8 months after the start of their TriFinance journey.

During the track, we focus on:

  • Consulting skills and Me inc.® competencies such as self-starting, teamplayer, self-marketing, business acumen and leading by example.
  • How to start a project, our Portfolio of Services and personal branding: "Who am I as a Project Consultant?"
  • Intervision where they can share their experiences and support each other in becoming more experienced consultants by giving and receiving feedback.

Our focus is not (only) on theory, but on practical application, helping consultants apply their consulting skills in their day-to-day job. We make use of real-life cases and examples to better support the learning process.

The learning journey doesn’t end after the track. We invest significantly in the growth of our Me inc.®’ers, offering a wide range of tailor-made furthering options. You can learn more about our Learning & Development approach in this blog.