Reference case

Municipality of Rumst - sustainability management and reporting

29 November 2023

The municipality of Rumst called on TriFinance to give their new sustainability officer a smooth and efficient start. They wanted to accelerate a number of projects when the new employee was appointed. There was also a need for structure and overview to allow the new sustainability officer to quickly start on the right priorities.

Need for additional sustainability expertise

The absence of a sustainability officer resulted in a fragmented implementation of the climate plan and many projects were left in the starting blocks by necessity. The coordination and overview of the implementation of the climate plan or its impact was lacking. There were some pertinent questions such as: who is responsible for which project within the organization? What is the status of the projects included in the climate plan? How is the implementation of our climate plan and goals going? When and how will we communicate about climate? How are we going to involve colleagues more? TriFinance temporarily took the director's role to prioritize and provide an overview.

Structured approach provides additional focus and speed

Currently, the priorities for achieving the 2025 - 2030 goals are clear. A distinction was made between short-term, medium-term and long-term projects. Besides a targeted planning for the implementation and follow-up of the projects, there is a strategy for communication about climate in the organization and to citizens until the end of this legislature. Moreover, we were able to move some projects into a higher gear, such as the sustainability test for purchases, purchase of partial cars and energy management. The sustainability officer was involved from the beginning and contributed to the quick turnaround. The structured approach and clear roadmap ensured that the new colleague was able to settle in focused and efficiently.

“Our new sustainability officer was expertly coached. Within a short period of time, a solid workable structure was put down on which the new sustainability officer could immediately build a turbo on our sustainability work."

Raf De Schepper, Alderman responsible for finance, legal affairs, heritage, library, development cooperation & sustainability at the municipality of Rumst

"TriFinance was a super efficient tandem that boosted our municipal sustainability policy. This was an ideal preparation for the start-up of our new sustainability expert."

Fried Happaerts, environmental officer municipality of Rumst