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Driven by the growth of people

What we crave most is having in-depth knowledge of the ambitions and competences of finance professionals in the region. Based on the furthering and the motivation of each individual, we interconnect customers, match candidates looking for a new challenge to the right job opportunity and link our consultants living in this region with projects near their home location. We reach out in a supply-driven way. This is the key to our success.

In this way, we aim to create a community of finance professionals. A community without the traditional walls between companies where knowledge sharing is stimulated.

The ambition of Me inc.®’ers is at the heart of our Transition & Support Services. As intrinsically motivated people go the extra mile, it’s a win for all parties involved.

Kristoff Temmerman

Where to find us…

  • Our BaseCamp team operates from our offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Louvain-La-Neuve and Zaventem.
  • Our Project Consultants give their best at
    corporate customers in the Antwerp - Kempen - Limburg region, East
    Flanders and West Flanders, Brussels, Flemish and Walloon Brabant and
  • Our Business Consultants are constantly teaming
    up with finance professionals in the region to get to know their
    aspirations and to help them find their next destination.
  • Our Business Managers connect with companies and
    their finance teams in the region to talk about their challenges with
    regards to people, processes and systems.

A strong team spirit and mutual trust lead to successes.

Hilde De Schryver

Where to meet us...

  • At different local networking activities, e.g. Chambers Trophy, Limburgse Ondernemer van het Jaar, Best Finance Team, VOKA, Etion, etc.
  • At several regional campus recruitment events, and guest lectures to connect with young finance professionals.
  • We interconnect CFO’s and finance professionals with their
    regional peers during different events to share best practices and
    facilitate knowledge sharing.

We aim to have in-depth knowledge of the ambitions and competences of finance professionals within our region.

Hanne Hellemans


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