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Power BI Advanced - Power Query - 12/12/2024

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  • 12/12/2024
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Power Query is a Microsoft ETL (extract, transform and load) tool, that can be used to wrangle data to a more useful format. It can be used in Power Bi Desktop, Excel, Power Bi Dataflows and various Azure products.

In the Power BI Advanced – Power Query training, we will first briefly explore Power Query using the graphical user interface as a recap. More advanced functionality can be unlocked only by coding it yourself, which is easier than one might think backed with some theoretical introduction on how to read (and write) the M (mashup) language that power query employes.

The topics of this one-day course are:

  • What, why, where is ETL and Power Query
  • No / low code exercise
  • Debugging
  • Understanding M-Language
  • Query folding
  • Advanced exercises

The training contains an integrated exercise that turns theory into practice.

It is strongly recommended to have some prior knowledge using the Power Query graphical user interface. Check out or Excel Advanced for Business or Power BI Advanced – Data Model training to gain the prerequisite experience if needed.

At the end of the training you will be equipped to use Power Query effectively. Armed with the knowledge of what is possible using the graphical user interface or via coding and the references to find out the exact syntax, you will be able to build almost any transformation you require.

We can provide a virtual machine with all the required software and files.
If you want to work with on your local machine make sure you have installed:

  • Windows (Power BI does not run on Mac)
  • Power BI Desktop (Required)
  • Excel (Recommended)
  • OneDrive (Recommended)

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  • until 2 weeks upfront: 100% refund
  • until 1 week upfront: 50% refund

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