Process Insights for TriFinance: a transformative journey

28 November 2023
Dirk van Bastelaere Communication Manager CFO Services Connect on Linkedin
Kyra Boudrez Project Manager, CFO Services Connect on Linkedin

To enhance process maturity within the organization, TriFinance embarked on a transformative journey in January 2020. By eliminating redundancies and fostering engagement, the TriFinance leadership wanted to provide  employees, candidates and clients with a standardized experience.  

In this post, we include a number video interviews with key stakeholders speaking out on the remarkable impact of the Process Insights Project. Care Lead Fien Vanbiervliet, CFO Services Client Partner Maddy Lauwers and a Client Partner from Germany Marco Besseling discuss the method and the implementation of the project, highlighting advantages and their contributions to the project. They are joined by Sara Wouters, Care Lead T&S Antwerp, who shares her experience with the Process Insights platform, and Pauline Buyse, a CFO Services Project consultant who participated in the project

You can read more about the Process Insights project, the methodology, and  the transformative power of implementing standardized processes in our article Unleashing the Power of Process Insights: Improving Working Together

In a separate video, 'Reinventing working together',  Pieter Smit, a member of the leadership team, and Alexander Van Caeneghem, BCB leader CFO Services, explain how TriFinance, with the Process Insights project, implements a bottom-up transformation approach that focuses on transparency, dialogue, and continuous improvement. For your convenience, we divided that video into 17 short clips,  each accompanied by a brief introduction to the topics discussed.

Process Insights at TriFinance - Improving Working Together

The primary processes: Intake to Alumni, and Opportunity to Delight

In the video above, key stakeholders speak out on the remarkable impact of the Process Insights Project.

The process owner of Care XSU, Fien Vanbiervliet, emphasizes the significance of aligning end-to-end processes and fostering adherence to the defined processes. She highlights the challenges and benefits of the implementation process, including the motivation it gave employees to work in accordance with the standardized processes.

Client Partner CFO Services Maddy Lauwers, who is an expert in Business Process management, methodology, and change, emphasizes the wealth of feedback received from the organization, including insights from Peer Group Programs. Maddy also underscores the value of sharing this experience with other companies, enabling them to learn and improve their own processes.

Marco Besseling, a Client Partner in Germany and also the process owner of the accounting process at TF, delved into the RTR (Record-to-Report) process and was key in developing and integrating the FARM framework.

Sara Wouters, Care Lead T&S Antwerp, discussing the Process Insights platform

A centralized knowledge hub

Care Manager T&S Antwerp Sara Wouters explains why she found great value in the Process Insights platform. She was relatively new in her role at the time of the introduction of the platform. As a centralized knowledge hub, it offered her invaluable insights into the TriFinance primary processes, providing her with essential guidance through process flows, work instructions, and informative videos.

Pauline Buyse participated in the Process Insights project. As a Project Consultant, she focuses on processes and transformation, sharing her firsthand experience in the video below, and highlighting the transformative nature of the project.

Pauline Buyse, Project Consultant CFO Services

The transformative power of implementing standardized processes

As the Process Insights project continues to unfold, TriFinance remains committed to its ongoing journey of enhancing process maturity and improving the client and candidate experience. The project's impact and success are evident in the enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and unified approach to operations within TriFinance

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