Event 29/05/2024

Webinar | Level up your potential as a controller: integrating consultancy skills in your day-to-day

The webinar will answer these questions
  • How can you, as a controller, go from being a report-delivery machine to truly act as a business partner within your company?
  • How can you broaden your profile from financial controlling to business controlling? From a production environment to a service environment? Or from cost controlling to commercial controlling?
  • What can you learn from controllers in other companies to organize your work more efficiently and make a greater impact?

Practical information

Meet our experts

Astrid began her career as an auditor at one of the Big Four and transitioned from audit into controlling. Initially in a permanent role at a food production company and for the past 2 years as a Project Consultant at TriFinance. This allowed her to build a strong expertise in reporting, costing, forecasting, and budgeting. With her strong team spirit and open communication style, she aims to truly make a difference as a controller by providing reports and analyses that drive business decisions. During the webinar, she will gladly share some of her best practices.

Steven has built an impressive track record in controlling. He has accumulated extensive experience in financial, plant, business, sales, supply chain, group, corporate, divisional, and project controlling at more than 15 companies. Delivering financial data in a structured manner and making analyses that steer the company in the right direction energize him. On May 29th, he will enthusiastically take you along his journey and share tips on how to expand and sharpen your skills as a controller.

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Interested in the Dutch language webinar?

On Tuesday, May 28 at 8 p.m. we will organize a Dutch-language session of the webinar. Register for this webinar via this page: Vergroot je potentieel als controller: integreer consultancy skills in je job