A book about career paths

Creating your career path starts with defining your ambitions
  • 30 CFOs about their career paths
  • Motivation leads to value creation
  • Insights and inspiration on the job landscape in finance

TriFinance interviewed over 30 CFOs about their career paths and the choices they made in order to realize their ambitions. Through these interesting stories, top professionals show that there is not just one way to become successful. 

On the one hand, some elements are present in several stories: you need to work hard, develop your communication skills and soft skills, and seek support from a mentor. International experience is a plus. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all master plan. All stories are unique, as they are based upon individual choices, starting with defining personal ambitions, and intrinsic motivation.

Economies of Motivation®

When starting the company in 2002, we were already convinced that a new approach was needed. At TriFinance, we strongly believe in the growth of our professionals. For us, putting people first is the only way forward.

That is why we choose Economies of Motivation® instead of Economies of Scale. In order to make people grow in the most efficient and effective way, we aim at the most powerful human driver: intrinsic motivation.

Why? Motivation leads to value creation. We give our people the freedom to take their growth in their own hands. They work in an environment where they can discover and develop their skills, get space to think and act, accelerate their career, share knowledge, and move around in our organization.

As a result, our professionals grow faster. They are motivated, flexible, and ready to conquer today's and future challenges of our clients.

The Job Landscape

For our company, putting people first is the only way forward. By defining multiple options for the next steps towards a longer-term ambition, we support even more attractive perspectives and career paths.

As such, we hope that this will offer new insights and inspiration on the job landscape in finance: which jobs do exist, what do they entail and require, how does the complex interplay between behavior, skills and knowledge work, what could a career look like, and how can you make it happen?

A new kind of professional: Me inc.®

The CFOs in our book are what we call Me inc.® professionals. They take their career into their own hands, create and use opportunities and turn them into actions. They perform best in environments where they can develop their competencies and skills, supported by seniors and mentors who guide them and encourage them to take new steps. The purpose of our company is to create and nurture such an environment.

Get your copy

We bundled these interviews in a book, titled “Zo maak je carrière in finance”, “Comment faire carrière dans la finance?” and “So machen Sie Karriere im Finanzbereich”. It is published by Acco and for sale in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Are you intrigued? Get your own copy. Take your time to read, get inspired, and use it to reflect on your ambitions and your personal development plan.

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