Young Finance Managers Community

Key messages
  • Knowledge sharing between peers
  • Closed community of Young Finance Managers
  • The right finance professional for the right job

TriFinance has recently launched a 'Young Finance Managers’ community for the region Limburg & Kempen. This closed community counts twenty members, and it is the intention of our international consultancy company to install similar communities in other Flemish provinces.

The region Limburg & Kempen is the first to kick off this new set-up of TriFinance. Our company operates as a network organization where knowledge sharing is the rule. Sharing knowledge and networking in a relaxed atmosphere is what the Young Finance Managers community is all about. The closed forum brings together twenty financial executives from medium and large companies within the same region. Four events are scheduled each year. Due to the corona pandemic, this has so far been done virtually.

Finding the right role to empower finance professionals

Each event revolves around a specific theme, chosen by the group. Last time, it was about the concern to have employees in a job where they function best. Paul Kramer was invited.

TriFinance intensively uses his Development & Assessment tools for finance professionals in development and recruitment processes, both internally and with customers. Paul developed these tools based on a benchmark of more than four thousand finance professionals and learned from this, according to himself, that many people are in a place where they do not flourish.

“Finance professionals are not always aware of their preferences and qualities. As a result, they sometimes don't find themselves in the role that suits them best. They risk becoming unmotivated, which could jeopardize their long-term employability. The mismatch also leads to a poorly used training budget. Self-reflection, taking a close look at the team and the development of employees are the means to cope with this," Paul explained.

Generational issue

Participants of the 'Young Finance Managers’ community recognized the diagnosis and went deeper into the generation issue within organizations. It was said that older people are often open to change, but do not prefer to be in the drivers’ seat. That is why it is important to find someone within a team who is fully committed to evolving and who can get others to go along with the change, said a Young Finance Manager. Someone else emphasized that experienced employees must remain valued. All argued for a good mix of young and old employees.