Matexi: technology as a driver of process optimization for sustainable growth

3 October 2023

Navigating Market Changes

Matexi, one of Belgium's leading property developers, embraces technology as a driver of process optimization for sustainable growth. Despite facing challenges such as the rising cost of raw materials, inflation, and workforce shortages, the company has prioritized process optimization as a strategy to navigate these market changes.

Transformation in pursuit of affordable prices and sustainability

Marked by material shortages and price hikes, the construction sector has put property developers like Matexi in a vulnerable position due to the long duration of their projects. The company, however, has been working very hard to maintain affordable prices while balancing these challenges.

Securing timely permits for new projects has become Matexi's biggest challenge, especially in the face of protests from local residents that have shifted from 'NIMBY' (Not In My Backyard) to 'BANANA' (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone) protests, highlighting the need for community engagement.

Matexi also remains ambitious in its pursuit of sustainability, constructing energy-efficient homes and exploring fossil-free heating systems like geothermal energy. They are also expanding their portfolio to offer greater affordability options.

The introduction of SAP and the Process Improvement & Technology (PIT) team has played a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and supporting Matexi's digital transformation.

Efficient processes are the ultimate goal and tools contribute to that. SAP was the next step in our digital transformation and it impacted the entire organization.

Angeline Defoor, Process Improvement & Technology Manager, Matexi

Reporting as common thread across projects on reporting, budgeting and forecasting

In this client story, Matexi CFO Philip Goris and Process Improvement & Technology Manager Angeline Defoor, discuss the company’s strategy of continuous process improvement, driven by technology, for which TriFinance's Management Information & Systems has been a trusted business partner for almost ten years now.

The implementation of SAP market the start of Process Improvement & Technology, and the start of the collaboration with TriFinance. "I helped supervise the start of the ERP," Maarten Lauwaert, Expert Practice Leader Data & Analytics, says. "Meanwhile, we have supervised numerous projects on reporting, budgeting and forecasting, but also on the further development of SAP. Reporting serves as the common thread across all these projects."

Philip Goris: "TriFinance possesses an intimate understanding of our history, core strengths, and ongoing challenges. This deep familiarity is invaluable in transformational processes."