Data & Analytics

Your challenges

  • Struggling to become data-driven
  • Absence of BI team and/or tool leads to time-consuming reporting
  • Added value of advanced analytics is unclear

Data is crucial for business strategy. Seen as an asset, it requires a well-planned strategy and infrastructure. Our experts assist in defining and implementing your data strategy for optimal use.

Insights beyond systems

Our experts have extensive expertise in Data and Analytics, and managerial reporting. They design efficient analytics architectures, identify  performance indicators that are vital to your business, and utilize modern analytics solutions to unlock new insights.  

This unique combination of functional and technical expertise facilitates effective communication with business and IT, leveraging the quality and the speed of a Data and Analytics project.

Introducing the Data & Analytics Pyramid

The Data & Analytics pyramid provides an overview of concepts for turning data into actionable insights. Depending on your data organization's maturity level, one or more of these concepts will apply. 

The organization of our Data & Analytics team is based upon this pyramid, enabling us to support customers throughout their data & analytics journey:

  • Integrate data from a diversity of sources
  • Develop, establish, and design descriptive analytics with Power BI dashboards and data models
  • Initiate, explore, and set up predictive analytics for forward-looking insights
  • Govern and document your analytics solutions efficiently and effectively.

Data Engineering 

Our Data Engineers ensure the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from various sources into a central Datawarehouse or Lakehouse. We focus on the Microsoft Azure Data & Analytics stack and Databricks.

Data Management

Our Analytics architects design a high-performance and future-proof Analytics architecture. Our reporting data models are designed from a business perspective, ensuring that all business reporting requirements are considered. 

We assist in monitoring data quality and ensure effective governance of your Analytics solution. For the governance and documentation of your data assets, we partner with a data catalog solution that is built from a business perspective (and not from a technical IT perspective.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analysts are Power BI experts who blend robust functional and technical knowledge. They assist in identifying and defining the most relevant KPIs, translating them into a Power BI model, and designing actionable dashboards and reports.  They ensure that  the solution is embedded into your organization through coaching and training.

Data Science

Our Data Scientists help organizations in identifying opportunities for advanced analytics. We aim to make machine learning and predictive analytics accessible to our customers in a pragmatic manner. Beyond designing and implementing these advanced analytics solutions, we provide assistance in the interpretation and analysis of the results, enabling you to become more data driven.

Our offering

1. Data Strategy and Data & Analytics Architecture

We define your Data Strategy

  • We create a future-proof Data strategy aligning with your strategic objectives
  • We assess the value of data for your company
  • We identify data & analytics topics that will create value for your business
  • We define the to-be architecture for your data organization, processes, and systems
  • We create a roadmap for implementing this data strategy

2. Design and Implementation of a Data & Analytics Architecture

We design and implement Data and Analytics Architecture

  • We conduct business & functional analysis leading to best practice design of new analytics architecture, data models & dashboards
  • We provide a detailed budget estimation at the project start based on our analysis phase
  • We design and set up analytics architecture in Azure and Power BI
  • We manage the project comprehensively, including project management with delivery responsibility
  • We ensure well-documented and governed solutions by your team
  • You get the opportunity to purchase & use our off-the-shelf reporting solution MyInsights (Finance, Sales, Operations, HR, Cash analytics).

3. Data Science Projects

Our team specializes in designing and implementing predictive models through machine learning. Utilize advanced analytics for tasks like data quality analysis, outlier detection, and churn prediction. Beyond implementation, we analyze and interpret the outcomes of machine learning models, providing valuable insights to refine and elevate your business decision-making processes.

Our off-the-shelf reporting solution, the MyInsights Cash Analytics Tool streamlines cash prediction processes for enhanced financial planning.

4. Coaching, Audits and Support

    Your key users can be coached by our experts to improve existing models or explore new scopes. Benefit from thorough reviews of your current analytics architecture and Power BI design.

    5. Outsourcing Solutions

      You can staff your analytics team with consultants of varying expertise levels in Microsoft BI. We maintain, expand, and support your analytics setup flexibly, tailored to your evolving needs.

      6. Training Initiatives

        Our comprehensive Data & Analytics Training Program comes with a major focus on Power BI—both functionally and technically. The program caters to end-users and administrators, available through open enrollment or in-house arrangements. Training can be tailored to your own needs.

        The Data & Analytics Training Program covers a diversity of topics, from beginner to advanced levels, enhancing your skills in DAX and Excel. You will be able to expand your expertise with expert-level training in Advanced Excel, Power Query Advanced, and Dimensional Modeling.

        7. Support

        We offer business support on your Power BI reports using our ticketing system according a set of possible SLA’s.

        8. Kick-starting reporting models

        Since a lot of reporting projects deal with similar questions and requirements, we developed a kickstart model for SMEs (MyInsights) and Local governments (MATiz). You will not have to start from scratch. Based on our business knowledge, we have already implemented a lot of reporting needs in these models. As our models contain different modules, you can tailor them to your personal needs.

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        Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by Management Information & Systems (MI&S).


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