Podcast with Gert Smit, founder and chairman of TriFinance: “Ambition only temporarily matches with a job”

14 June 2022

TriFinance puts the growth and development of employees first. This is the foundation for the entire set-up and operation of our company, founded in 2002 by Gert Smit. 

In a podcast with ZigZagHR, he shares his motivation for starting TriFinance and explains why he dislikes the term Human Resources. He also shares an important insight: you can only find ambition within a certain job temporarily (at minute 37:36).

Spoiler Alert

Which company do you want to work for? What are the characteristics of that organization? You shouldn’t simply choose a job. That's just a starting point. The start of something where you hope you can express and fulfill your own ambitions. And you can only temporarily find it in a job. If you are looking for a position that suits you, you have to look much further than the job. Which steps can you take at a company, which next steps are there for me? What journey do they have to offer you? And what experience do you expect?

Gert Smit - the growth and development of employees comes first


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