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Vanreusel Snacks: continuity & optimization of bookkeeping processes

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Key messages
  • Consultancy as a next step
  • Furthering of our people
  • Temporary finance support

Yannick Dewingaerden (31) already has several years of experience as an accountant in internal finance departments. In his last job, he was Teamlead Accounting. He chose TriFinance in 2021 as the next step in his career. His first project at TriFinance was immediately a hit. "After being ‘hungry for more’ for a few years with previous employers, I was able to satisfy my hunger immediately in my first project."

First project at Vanreusel Snacks

In his first project, Yannick took on the role of Bookkeeping Manager at Vanreusel Snacks. "Here, I could implement my years of bookkeeping experience to modernize the bookkeeping department. In parallel, various reports and new working methods had to be set up. These were new to me, and thus a nice extra challenge." Yannick received support for this from his mentor Ruben Verwilt.

"While we were looking for a new permanent Bookkeeping Manager, I chose to rely on TriFinance to ensure continuity. Despite having only 2 days of handover, Yannick was able to complete the closing within the normal timeframe and with the desired quality. He took care of the right documents and discussions with the Controllers. Moreover, he made an improvement suggestion to make the next closing more efficient," explains Peter Van Geel, CFO at Vanreusel Snacks.

With someone like Yannick, you get a specialist on board, who is immediately up & running.

Peter Van Geel, CFO at Vanreusel Snacks

TriFinance as a partner

"I like to work with external people to realize specific projects, because I like to be able to move forward in a focused way. They have business knowledge, and they work in a result-oriented way. In addition, you avoid an overly large overhead structure," Peter says.

For example, Gert Vanclee, Interim Manager for TriFinance, is currently working on the next steps within Commercial Controlling at Vanreusel Snacks. "Since we were already going to work with Gert, and TriFinance was able to suggest a suitable candidate on very short notice, it was logical to me to also partner up with TriFinance for the temporary role of Bookkeeping Manager."

Also Yannick was excited to start on this project. "Right from the first moment, I had a very good contact with Peter, to whom I had to report. I also immediately felt that I would be given both the responsibility and the challenge to make it a success story."

I was given both the responsibility and the challenge to make it a success story.

Yannick Dewingaerden, Project Consultant at TriFinance

What's next?

Meanwhile, the new Bookkeeping Manager started. Yannick documented the closing process and did a 2-week handover. He also made a number of improvement suggestions for the new colleague to take along..

"I relied on my experiences within several production companies to look into the current working methods, identifying what was already running well, but also looking at areas for improvement to bring bookkeeping up to date. These points were discussed with the CFO, Controller and IT. We defined some steps that could be taken together with other departments and the ERP provider." Peter Van Geel: "Substantial improvements and documentation of the process were done, even more than I expected."

About Vanreusel Snacks

Vanreusel Snacks (company: Beltaste NV) is a food processing production company, specialized in cooking and frying products, piercing products and croquettes. The company has 3 production facilities: Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium, where the HQ is located. Due to the entry of a private equity partner (Ergon) in 2018, Beltaste NV is in full transition from a Belgian family business to an international player.