Young Hub Program supports Project Consultants to grow faster

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TriFinance offers young graduates an extensive Learning & Development package
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At TriFinance everything revolves around the growth of the people who work with us. For young graduates, we have a two-year Learning & Development program that provides extra guidance. This Young Hub program allows them to grow faster as a professional, which also benefits the client. "Working with young and motivated Project Consultants offers a lot of added value", emphasize Client Partner André Greca and Business Manager Cleo Marteleur of TriFinance.

There are several reasons to work with the next generation on the job market: Generation Z. Zoomers are digital natives, flexible entrepreneurs, multitaskers, competitive and hard workers with a strong ethical compass. "The reason why TriFinance exists and the way we work, reinforce these arguments when it comes to our Project Consultants", Cleo and André emphasize. Cleo works for the Blue Chip Boutique (BCB) Transition & Support (T&S) in Antwerp and André for the BCB Financial Institutions (FI).

TriFinance reinforces the reasons to work with Zoomers? How?

André: "The purpose of TriFinance is to make people grow. Others talk about it, we realize it. That’s in the DNA of TriFinance: Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How. I was a Project Consultant myself before I switched to Business Development".

Cleo: "We work with Me inc.®’ers (me incorporated): people who are in the driving seat of their careers. They are flexible entrepreneurs and we help them shape their careers. In the first place by providing them challenging projects".

André: "Young graduates who join us are offered a two-year Learning & Development program. We call them Young Hub’ers and they start in a one-week boot camp, in which they get a general overview of finance skills. Soft skills and team building are also included. In the course of the program, another six expertise days are organized to help them to improve their knowledge and skills".

Cleo: "During these days, items such as external reporting, end-to-end finance processes, Excel expert training, writing and presentation skills, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the basics of 'Management Information & Systems' will be discussed. Expertise days are also designed to answer questions from the Young Hub and help them respond to the needs of the industries in which they work by gaining relevant knowledge. This can differ for the banking & insurance sector and the corporate sector".

André Greca
André Greca

But above all, the projects we offer Me inc.®’ers count, don't they?

André: "Of course. Also important are the mentors we provide Project Consultants with: Senior Consultants with practical experience who assist their young colleagues during their project. Mentoring is of great importance at TriFinance. It involves an optimal process with regular meetings with the Project Consultant and with the client."

A Zoomer who joins us is offered a two-year Learning & Development program.

André Greca

Cleo: "In practice, we see that these ‘imposed’ contact moments are naturally extended. Project Consultants who work with us are focussing on their growth. This mutual mindset creates an environment where Project Consultants reinforce each other. We are an international network organization where knowledge sharing is the rule.”

"The biotope we create makes young people feel good and appreciated. That makes them all the more motivated and enthusiastic to bring projects to successful delivery. The fact that we enable them to grow faster increases their eagerness to deliver quality. And we strive to let them taste new projects at regular times to keep them sharp and motivated."

"A customer may think it’s a disadvantage to switching from Project Consultant. What does he gain by letting a new Project Consultant take over the work of his colleague? Well, the takeover keeps the motivation and enthusiasm high for both Me inc.®'ers. Moreover, TriFinance handles the handover professionally and in a timely manner.”

André: "Of course the Project Consultants get their say. In fact, at TriFinance young people do that right up to the highest levels of the organization. We installed a 'Young Innovation Board'. Together with our Managing Director, they discuss strategic initiatives. Their ideas and insights are more than welcome and appreciated to better support our personal development strategies".

Cleo: "What they bring in really does count to us. They can give a new perspective on things. The fact that we are looking for people who want and do just that ‘one thing more’ should sound like music to Zoomers' ears. We noticed that they are multitaskers who like to give their opinion and vision, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to take the initiative".

Cleo Marteleur
Cleo Marteleur

Challenging projects, development programs, mentors... What are other resources for the growth of Project Consultants?

Cleo: "We worked out several online tools that provide insight into where the Me inc.®’ers stand and where they want to go. Project Consultants are in the driver’s seat of their own career, and we support them in doing so."

André: "These tools help our Project Consultants to grow the way they want to. They unravel the professional DNA of the Me inc.®'ers and are part of the tools to teach them new skills, both hard and soft. The latter is, for example, about communicative and interpersonal skills, which are important in order to integrate themselves time and again in the client's context".

"A Project Consultant should dare to ask for feedback. That is necessary to grow into an experienced colleague. At TriFinance, you can grow faster because we have all those resources. Challenging projects, mentors, online tools, training and education... they are all interlinked. There is also the annual alignment meeting of the Project Consultant with the Blue Chip Boutique Leader where the Me inc.®’er can indicate his/her ambition. We work as a ‘career accelerator’."

A customer is never limited to the knowledge and competences of the Project Consultant. He can tap into a network of more than 800 Me inc.®’ers with various expertise.

Cleo Marteleur

Cleo: "We draw up a 'Plus Profile' of the Project Consultant whose experiences we can share at the task level. Thanks to this detailed task level overview of the competences the client is always informed on which tasks are fully mastered and in which area the Project Consultant will gain an opportunity to grow. TriFinance makes sure that the Project Consultant will be supported in these areas. A customer is never limited to the knowledge and competences of the Project Consultant. He can tap into a network of more than 800 Me inc.®’ers with various skills and expertise. In this way, he is assured that a young Me inc.®'er, who still has to gain experience, will carry out his task successfully.”

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