Carglass®: Window on Processes

30 April 2024
Dirk van Bastelaere Communication Manager CFO Services Connect on Linkedin

With a clear view on processes towards continuous improvement

At Carglass®, a commitment to excellence drives all aspects of their operations. As the global leader in vehicle glass repair, replacement, and recalibration, Carglass® has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry. This new client story shows how the company has embraced holistic transformation, meticulously mapping processes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

The client story is based on an extensive talk with Carglass® CIO en Transformation Officer Stefaan Hermans, Carglass® Finance & IT Director Stefan Vuylsteke, their colleagues Roland Henrard, Enterprise Architect, and Kristof Latet, Business Process Analist, TriFinance Client Partner Maddy Lauwers, and Expert Practice Leader Business Process Management, Sonja VanheeswijckYou can download the full article by clicking the Download buttons above or below this introduction.

“Making a difference with real care”

At the heart of the company’s success lies a dedication to customer service, employee development, environmental sustainability, and financial stability. Genuine care is at the heart of everything Carglass® does. 

“Making a difference with real care is our motto,” CIO and Transformation Officer Stefaan Hermans says. "For our customers, first and foremost: their problems must be solved quickly and efficiently. For our employees: with training and opportunities we offer them prospects for the future. We also care for society: we care about the environment, minimize our CO2 emissions, and take steps to support those in need in our society. Last but not least, we prioritize Carglass®'s financial health. This can only be achieved if the company's basis is robust."

From its humble beginnings in Limburg, Belgium, where Carglass® was founded in 1979, the company now manages 42 Belgian and 4 Luxembourg repair centers from its head office in Bilzen.

Left to right, Sonja Vanheeswijck, Maddy Lauwers (TriFinance), Stefan Vuylsteke, Stefaan Hermans, Kristof Latet, and Roland Henrard (Carglass®)
Left to right, Sonja Vanheeswijck, Maddy Lauwers (TriFinance), Stefan Vuylsteke, Stefaan Hermans, Kristof Latet, and Roland Henrard (Carglass®)

Navigating complex transformations at Carglass®

All the time Carglass® has remained true to its core values while embracing innovation and transformation. The journey towards process optimization began with the realization that sustainable growth requires more than just surface-level changes. When Carglass® embarked on the implementation of a new ERP system, they understood the need for a holistic approach to organizational transformation. TriFinance, renowned for its expertise in process optimization, became a trusted partner in this endeavor.

Central to the transformation was the recognition that process transparency is essential for success. By meticulously mapping out their end-to-end processes, Carglass® gained invaluable insights into their operations and paved the way for future improvements. TriFinance's expertise and the adoption of Mavim's business process management software streamlined the process, empowering Carglass® to navigate complex transformations with confidence.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

The journey was not without its challenges. Effective communication and collaboration were key as Carglass® and TriFinance worked hand in hand to align objectives, overcome obstacles, and drive meaningful change. Through a bottom-up approach, employees were actively engaged in process description and improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

With a robust digital twin in place and a culture of continuous improvement ingrained in its DNA, Carglass® is well-prepared to address the challenges of the automotive industry. They have improved customer experience and internal operations to ensure higher standards across the organization.