Reference case

Controller assessment for Sarens

Sarens is a globally operating group that provides land and sea-based cranes for lifting very heavy loads. They proudly own Big Carl, the biggest crane in the world. Custom-built for the construction of a UK nuclear power plant, it can lift 5’000 tonnes and reach 260 meters.

Tailor-made controller assessment

We organized a controller assessment for 13 controllers. A group of 8 people had accountant backgrounds and were starting in a new European controlling team. Others were external people being recruited as far as South Africa.

Following the assessment of the European team, we identified skill gaps, using our Controller Skill Framework as a guide. Based on our vision of what an excellent controller should be, we developed and gave a tailor-made two-day training program on key controlling skills, providing a 50/50 mix between hard skills and soft skills, and continuously linked this back to daily reality and systems in Sarens.

One year later, we repeated this two-day training for the group of global Finance managers.