Fund your climate ambitions

30 May 2022
Helena Vandekerckhove Expert Manager TriFinance Public Sector Connect on Linkedin
Steve Waeyaert Project Manager Connect on Linkedin

In order to strengthen its climate ambitions, the European Union has approved a 1,000 billion euro financing plan. The funds will be invested both publicly and privately through various programs that finance climate and environment-friendly projects. The annual call for candidates of one of the longest-running funding programs, LIFE, is published around this time of year. Companies that want to work on climate-friendly projects, for instance in the circular economy can apply for support from the European LIFE program.

Standard Action Projects

The majority of LIFE projects are 'Standard Action Projects (SAPs)' aimed at applying innovative techniques, methods and approaches to one of the following topics:

  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Circular economy and the quality of life
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation

Projects in this category vary between 2 and 10 million euro, and the co-financing by Europe amounts to 60%.


Companies may find it worth exploring the possibilities. Many companies are eligible to receive subsidies to achieve their climate objectives. However, do not embark on it hastily: within the LIFE program, international competition for the available budget is fierce. The success rate is around 20%, and the EU only rewards the best applications with a grant.

Organizations can have a scan performed to see which subsidies their projects qualify for.

TriFinance Public Sector can assist companies conduct the scan to see what type of financing companies are eligible for. They also help companies prepare and submit the application.

Call for projects: how to get funding from the EU LIFE Program

The 2022 calls for Standard Action Projects (SAPs) have been launched on May 17, 2022. Grant applications are subjected to a very tight timetable, with October 4, 2022 as a strict application deadline.

To help you keep track, TriFinance experts have summarized the 2022 calls for Standard Action Projects. You can find the program description and the SAPs conditions in ‘Grants of the LIFE Program’, a handy and well-structured 8-page brochure.

Get your free copy here.