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Growth Story: Nick Raeymaekers

13 June 2023
Joni Henrard Communication Manager Connect on Linkedin
In a nutshell
  • Finance Manager: the next step in Nick’s career
  • How Nick derives pleasure from his work
  • Nick’s advice for letting your ambition grow and flourish

With eight years of experience in audit and accountancy, Nick decided to make a move to TriFinance in October 2022. His goal? Growing to the position of Finance Manager. At present, he is working as a Project Consultant at our Transition & Support Unit (T&S) in the Antwerp region where he serves as Commercial Controller with a major player in the pharmaceutical sector.

Who is Nick?

Nick is eager to learn, a social butterfly and an early riser. And you know what they say ... the early bird catches the worm. He seizes every opportunity that comes his way so as to achieve his goals.

What is your background?

I consciously chose for studies in line with my professional ambitions. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy-Taxation, I enrolled for a transition year program in Commercial Science.

Subsequently, during my initial work experience as an auditor and bookkeeper, I followed a postgraduate program in Accountancy & Tax Management via evening classes. I obtained my degree as Accountant, but due to a lack of controlling experience, I was unable to take my next step towards becoming a Finance Manager. The decision to join TriFinance was quickly made. Here, as a Project Consultant, I get assignments and opportunities with different companies in international environments.

What was your ambition before you started at TriFinance?

After my studies, my ambition was to obtain a degree as accountant. I was able to achieve that ambition, but the question that popped into my head soon after was: ‘And now what?’ I realized that, as someone who is eager to learn, I don’t just have one end goal in my life.

What is your current ambition?

My current ambition is to create more impact within an organization. As a Project Consultant at TriFinance, I can grow further towards the role of Finance Manager and subsequently achieve this ambition.

Thanks to TriFinance, I can take the next step in my career and achieve my goal of becoming a Finance Manager.

Nick Raeymaekers

How do you grow your ambition?

By continually challenging myself by following training courses that will take me closer to a Finance Manager position. Meanwhile, I am gaining experience as a controller within an international environment and mentoring two Project Consultants, thus honing my soft skills.

What does ‘Grow your ambition’ mean to you?

A never-ending story. An ambition allows you to work towards a concrete goal. And the most important part? Having fun during the growth process.

What is your ultimate ambition?

I don’t have a concrete end goal, but the train to the unknown is my final destination. And on the way are wagons filled with goals I want to achieve.

If you could give your younger self some advice in one sentence, what would it be?

Look at everything step by step and don’t pin yourself down to an end goal, because growth often means change.

What is your advice to new or existing colleagues who want to grow their ambition?

  1. Be open to ideas and thoughts from other colleagues and build on them
  2. Be patient and do everything at your own pace.
  3. Ask questions but also dare to question things.
  4. Choose a job you enjoy doing

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