Perspectives on Growth: Stephanie Kelberg and Orane Van Camp discuss careers in Risk Advisory

6 June 2024

Have you ever thought of working in Risk Advisory, for instance as an internal auditor? Risk Advisory is a crucial aspect of business consulting that focuses on identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that can affect an organization's success. It encompasses a wide range of services, including internal audit, internal control and risk management.

“The primary goal of Risk Advisory is to help organizations understand and manage their risks effectively, ensuring business resilience and long-term success,” says TriFinance Expert Practice Leader Risk Annemie Pelgrims. ‘In today’s business environment, organizations face a complex array of risks, from cyber threats to regulatory changes. Our internal auditors provide a structured approach to navigating this complexity, allowing organizations to make informed decisions.’

The CFO Services Expert Practice Risk

Characteristic of TriFinance's Pragmatic Advisory & Implementation services is the integration of knowledge building, methodology, and teamwork within an Expert Practice structure. Expert Practices exist for Risk Advisory, Integrated Process Management, ERP, Data & Analytics, and Corporate reporting. Each Expert Practice is led by an Expert Practice Leader responsible for initiating projects, team management, and attracting talent to further develop the practice.

In this article, we introduce the Risk expert practice. Project manager Stephanie Kelberg and Project consultant Orane Van Camp shed some light on the ESG team's contributions to TriFinance's mission of delivering impactful and sustainable solutions to its clients.

I find it particularly rewarding to collaborate with clients to develop risk mitigation strategies that they fully support, and that can help optimizing their operational efficiency.

Stephanie Kelberg, Project Manager Risk, CFO Services TriFinance

Stephanie Kelberg
Stephanie Kelberg

Stephanie, what makes Risk Advisory interesting to you?

Stephanie Kelberg: ‘I’m naturally curious and love digging into different processes and engaging with process owners to understand how things work. Understanding their roles and responsibilities is essential for me to effectively assess potential risks.

‘Once I fully understand the processes, I enjoy critically analyzing them to identify potential issues and determine how to mitigate risks using efficient and effective controls. I find it particularly rewarding to collaborate with clients to develop risk mitigation strategies that they fully support, and that can help optimizing their operational efficiency.

‘Finally, what I really enjoy is the variety. Working with clients in diverse industries provides me with valuable insights and keeps my work engaging and dynamic. Whether I'm visiting a chemical production plant one day or a luxury car garage the next, each experience broadens my perspective and deepens my understanding of different sectors, processes, risks and controls.’

Orane, what made you choose Risk advisory?

Orane Van Camp: ‘My main reason for choosing Risk advisory is its broad scope. Risk not only covers risk management but also internal audit and internal control. These three pillars are interconnected, providing a multifaceted approach to analyzing and assessing business processes. This offers unique insights into a company's operational, financial, and strategic risks, an approach I was unfamiliar with during my studies, sparking my curiosity.

‘I was also intrigued by TriFinance's definition of a Risk consultant. Risk consultants, especially internal auditors, should be seen as value partners to the business. They share an objective to identify process inefficiencies and vulnerabilities to foster organizational growth and resilience. This requires a strong understanding and cooperation with clients, from executive leadership to process stakeholders. It necessitates a mix of analytical and interpersonal skills, which is the synergy I was looking for in a job.

‘At TriFinance, you are not a number; you matter as a person, as does your development. We work in an environment where open dialogue about individual aspirations is encouraged and actively supported. For a newcomer to the job market, this is the perfect environment to commit to learning, growing, and developing within Risk Advisory.’

Risk consultants should be seen as value partners to the business. They share an objective to identify process inefficiencies and vulnerabilities to foster organizational growth and resilience.

Orane Van Camp, Project Consultant Risk, CFO Services TriFinance

Orane Van Camp
Orane Van Camp

Could you both describe your career development? Stephanie, how did you realize your ambition of becoming a Project Manager in Risk Advisory?

Stephanie Kelberg: ‘To be honest, my career in risk started by accident. I initially applied for a different position, but the HR team suggested I join the risk team instead. I took the chance, and I’ve never regretted it.

‘I began with an internal audit outsourcing project for a high-stakes client. The challenging project environment and a great team helped me learn a lot quickly. The project involved a lot of travel and visit to different client sites which allowed me to fulfill project requirements and broaden my perspectives by exposing me to diverse business environments and practices.

‘As I grew in my role, I expanded my scope to include all aspects of risk advisory services, such as internal audit, internal controls, and risk management. This holistic approach gave me a comprehensive understanding of risk dynamics within organizations, allowing me to meet various client needs.

‘As my experience grew, I gradually transitioned into a leadership role, leading small teams on projects and assuming the role of single point of contact (SPOC) for our clients. This made me the project manager that I am today.’

Orane, you started as a Young Hub in 2023, but you made a lot of progress during your first year.

Orane Van Camp: ‘In May 2023, I started at TriFinance Pragmatic Advisory & Implementation as a Young Hub. During the Young Hub training, I had the opportunity to learn essential soft and hard skills while interacting with like-minded peers. As a recent graduate, my primary objective was and still is to learn as much as possible to establish a firm foundation for my professional career. Through consistent mentoring, on-the-job learning, and constructive feedback, I can confidently say that my first year has been highly educational.

‘From the start, I actively engaged in various projects, ranging from internal audits to risk assessments, which enabled me to quickly gain expertise. Over time, I developed the confidence to lead interviews and conduct kick-off and status meetings on my own. This progression demonstrates the supportive environment within the Risk team, which empowered me to take on new responsibilities. Reflecting on the past year, I realize how far I have already come but that there is still much to learn.

‘As I continue to grow, I acknowledge the invaluable opportunities provided by TriFinance, which have not only expanded my skill set but also developed my professional skils. They have given me the tools to add value to our projects, discover my strengths, and grow further within Risk Advisory.’

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