Project Management

Your challenges

  • Make project deliveries meet business demands
  • Adopt pragmatic methodologies for better results
  • Find people with the right skills to manage projects

We manage your projects to drive your organization’s strategy, operational results and transformation to build a future-proof and sustainable organization.

Project Management Excellence

Organizations turn to project management to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and deliver results in a consistent manner. Along the way, they try to improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

TriFinance will bring success to your projects by a unique blend of project management skills and business expertise in key segments of the corporate, public and financial sectors.

We always co-create with our clients to bring solutions and establish sustainable change on an operational and implementation level.

Our experts use acknowledged methodologies like Waterfall, Agile or Scrum, and combine them with proprietary methods like our Transition Scan, which quantifies the change readiness, managing the change in your organization.

Program & Project Delivery

We stand for a project management approach that sets and maintains a realistic scope for goals, budgets, and deadlines, always taking quality levels, risks and resources into account.

We bring a unique combination of seasoned professionals and sound methodologies to manage and execute projects across a wide range of topics from process improvement, large-scale transformation, and technology rollout to handling crisis situations.

TriFinance manages your projects to drive your strategy, transformations and operational results to build a future-proof and sustainable organization

Quick Scan

A quick scan of our customers’ project management approach will enable us to assess it against industry standards and best practices. We will diagnose the current situation, identify areas of improvement and develop an action plan that we implement together with our customers.

Methodology Advisory

With more and more organizations experiencing project management as a critical competency for success, we assist our clients with the set-up and adoption of an effective project management office, methodologies, and approaches tailored to their needs, combining the best of waterfall & agile approaches.

Coaching and Training

To bridge the gap between theory and practice, we propose on-site guidance and support of project managers. Our catalog of hands-on training for managers covers a variety of processes and subjects from dynamic planning and control to the optimal structuring of projects.

Implementing business applications

ERP and similar projects are generally very challenging. Unless expert help is available on the business side, the majority of them fail to meet their goals.

Software vendors use project managers and methodologies that focus on the tool, and leave all the heavy lifting to their customers, like managing internal change, optimizing business processes, cleansing data or training end-users.

Managing all of this is a daunting task that requires a lot of skills and resources, and for which most organizations are ill-equipped.

TriFinance structures your ERP or BI project according to our in-house project methodology, which brings clarity and control to the project.

Our project managers have managed multiple go-lives and know the ropes. Sitting at your side of the table, they structure the conversation with software vendors, creating a win-win for all parties involved.

If you look for additional project team members, our knowledgeable consultants can assist in resource-intensive project tasks, like data design, the creation or execution of test scripts, or the training of end-users.

They are an excellent solution when your internal resources are overloaded.

Change being a major challenge, we offer our inhouse Transition Scan to measure change readiness and manage change in larger projects.

Business Analysis

The definition and validation of business requirements are fully embedded in our project management services. Business analysts are real agents of change, introducing and managing change, working across all organizational levels. Our business analysts bring value to your projects and transformations through:

  • Drawing up business cases
  • Analyzing business and functional requirements
  • Supporting the end-to-end implementation of new systems or platforms
  • Defining test strategies and test scenarios
  • Executing tests and resolving the issues
  • Ensuring aftercare following the implementation

Who will support you

Our specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies are delivered by CFO Services, MI&S and Financial Institutions.


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