Fiberklaar reporting at fiber speed

29 June 2024

Data and reporting for optimal project planning at Fiberklaar

Fiber is the future. 

Once a frontrunner in the deployment of coaxial and copper networks, Belgium has sunk to the bottom of the European Commission's digital index DESI. To eliminate the backlog, Fiberklaar aims for full fiber optics coverage in Flanders by 2029.

Fiberklaar is a joint venture of EQT and Proximus founded in 2020. The company that designs, builds and manages an open fiber network in Flanders, considers it their mission to connect 1.5 million Flemish households to the fiber network. 

Left to Right: Maarten Lauwaert, Lieven Tack, Sophie Van Lier, Evert Augustyns, Nathasja Van Bael
Left to Right: Maarten Lauwaert, Lieven Tack, Sophie Van Lier, Evert Augustyns, Nathasja Van Bael

Fiberklaar’s strategic vision for optic fiber rollout

In this client story, we look at how Fiberklaar tackles the complexities of data management and forecasting. It demonstrates how smart data management and innovative reporting solutions can support large-scale infrastructure projects, resulting in efficient operations and informed decision-making.

Fiberklaar CFO Nathasja Van Bael explains Fiberklaar's strategic vision, emphasizing the importance of efficient reporting and forecasting in managing large-scale, capital-intensive investments amidst economic challenges.

Group Controlling manager Lieven Tack discusses the operational and financial reporting complexities Fiberklaar faces. He points out how the company’s initial use of separate reporting systems led to fragmented data. Recognizing the need for an integrated, holistic data model, Fiberklaar engaged TriFinance to streamline their data processes and implement the EPM tool Vena.

Optimizing Data Management and Reporting with TriFinance

TriFinance played a critical role in building a centralized reporting platform, addressing data inconsistencies, and enhancing data quality through structured documentation and key user training.

Sophie Van Lier, was the TriFinance Project Manager for the Vena implementation at Fiberklaar. She wrote the blueprint, organized workshops, and coordinated the process from budget tracking to final rollout in the Summer of 2023. Sophie explains how the Fiberklaar monthly planning reports contain forecasts for team requirements, with data sent back to the data warehouse via Power BI. This automation saves Fiberklaar time and reduces errors by ensuring a single source of truth.

Data & Analytics Project Manager Evert Augustyns highlights the transition from standard visualizations to storytelling in data presentations, enhancing managerial insights and decision-making capabilities.

MI&S BCB Leader Maarten Lauwaert is full of praise for the collaborative environment at Fiberklaar. Continuous improvement and solution focus are critical there. Meticulous planning, implementation of advanced data tools and strategic vision show how Fiberklaar uses data to drive its ambitious fiber optic network expansion.

Featuring Nathasja Van Bael, CFO of Fiberklaar; Lieven Tack, Business Controller at Fiberklaar; and TriFinance experts Evert Augustyns, Project Manager Data & Analytics, Maarten Lauwaert, BCB Leader MI&S, and Sophie Van Lier, Project Manager Data & Analytics.

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A pragmatic approach to data governance. Takeaways from the TriFinance & dScribe breakfast session. 

On Monday, May 28, TriFinance and data catalog provider dScribe organized a breakfast session on data governance. TriFinance Data & Analytics Project Manager Evert Augustyns and dScribe founder and CEO Pieter Delaere demonstrated how companies can strengthen their reporting culture through improved data governance.

The session included an extensive testimonial from Lieven Tack, Business Controlling Manager at Fiberklaar, detailing how his company leverages Power BI and the dScribe catalog to streamline and optimize their reporting processes.

All three speakers emphasized the crucial role of robust BI governance in creating an effective reporting culture within organizations.